Every step you take,

Every decision you make,

Every vote you cast,

Will come back at last.


Will you shut your eyes?

And believe all the lies,

By those hungry for power?


With every passing hour,

Their hunger gets stronger,

And it won’t be any longer,

When those blood sucking parasites,

Will have left us numb,

And the state to slum.


This land of yours,

Is now at stake.


So please,

Do not make another mistake.


Everything you do,

Just make sure you don’t get into,

The trouble, the regret,

The dilemma,

That you haven’t seen yet.


Stop hiding behind the crowd,

You are not yet wrapped in a shroud.


So, will you at least try?


To defy,

The Gods in command,

The democratic dictates,

The pharaohs in reign.




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