Part Two: An In Depth Exploration

Authors Note: This part of the article tries to explore in depth the science behind the art of people watching.

Art can be many things: mesmerising; thought-provoking; contemporary or modern. And here is where the Art of People Watching differs from other art forms: it is timeless. It has been present since the beginning of time and will continue to persist for many generations to come.

Human beings will always delight in watching another of their own kind.

Another interesting point to ponder is that, when we talk about The Art of People Watching we realise that it is the juxtaposition of two kinds of art: one is the act of watching itself and the other is the individual being watched. Therefore, this art-form exists because human beings, in a sense, are living and breathing pieces of art themselves.

Now the problem arises, when this attention is unwanted or when it is laced with malice. Since I am quite invested in this particular art form, and have been observing its evolution in society since a while, I might be able to provide some pointers on how you can take up this activity in a positive way. I’ll also go over the do’s and don’ts of it. In my own opinion, if something is being done incorrectly, it can almost always be done accurately as well.

You can do it!!

Lets go over a few scenarios. Read the scenarios below and pick an option that best represents how you’d react to the situation. We’ll discuss that portion towards the end- of what now seems like a never ending article.



Scenario no. 1-

Shumaila, a close friend of yours, is out on a date and you bump into her while out shopping. Shumaila’s family is quite conservative. After the encounter, you…
A. Sit and scheme as to how you should break the news to her family, causing the maximum number of casualties.
B. Be happy for shumaila because duh, love makes the world go round.
C. Don’t say anything to anybody, but think all kinds of things about Shumaila, because gasp, she’s that kind of girl.

Love makes the world go round

Scenario no. 2-

Your once liberal colleague has now found a passion for religion. You…
A. Support him because that is a decision he has the right to make.
B. Stop hanging out with him because he crimps your style.
C. Pick every occasion you can find to debate with him on his lifestyle change.

Scenario no. 3-

You’ve found out through an indirect source that one of your acquaintances is going through a tough time. Moreover, they’re not doing so well these days. You…
A. Bring it to the attention of others, making said acquaintance the butt of every joke.
B. Mean no harm, but continue to tell the story to anybody willing to listen.
C. Reach out to them discreetly and offer assistance.

I’m assuming you’ve gotten the point so I won’t be adding additional scenarios. I’m going to trust that when it’s stated so simply you’re able to judge what the correct option is.



We all do it. We wake up and put on our people watching glasses. What really matters is how you use your them. At times it is better to just look away and sometimes its better to steal another glance. Society is what we make it, so before you look around you, decide to look inside as well.

Have you thought about how tinted(tainted) your lenses are?

This is your esteemed author signing out. If you see any suspicious activity and are dying to report it feel free to contact me at-


—————————A Very Anticlimactic End———————————


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