Lahoris are going more than a little crazy that international cricket has returned to Pakistan with the arrival of players from seven countries for the much-awaited World XI tournament. But while cricket-starved supporters are thrilled at the chance to see some of the world’s finest players in live action in Lahore, the ensuing traffic jams are literally the stuff of our worst nightmares! Monday’s epic jams saw Lahoris stuck in gridlock traffic for much of the day wondering if they’d ever get out of here alive. Many took to social media to vent — and man did they vent!

Strong language used. We advise viewer discretion.

  1. Enraged Lahori #1

2.  This guy decided to keep it short and simple.


3.  The stats might be a little exaggerated but we feel your pain.

4. Can Nawaz’s roads withstand the test of traffic?

5. Once again, the absent media is nowhere to be found. #FakeNews ?

6. The matches haven’t even started yet but this dude has had enough.

7. A very legit concern.

8. Traffic:1, Cricket:0

9. The Godfather has spoken.

10. We sincerely hope your appeal was heard. But it’s just going to get worse in the next few days as the festive spirit picks up even more.

11. Food for thought.

12. The government strikes back. They apparently have a traffic plan. Why not let us know in advance?

13. People are not buying it.


14. They have a point though.

15. Our neighbour’s excitement is palpable.



We admit that the next few days will be difficult but we urge you to be patient and cooperate with law enforcement as they are only trying to perform their duties and ensure our safety. 

Avoid contributing to the noise pollution and go easy on the horn; give way to ambulances; think about others while parking; don’t run traffic lights and most importantly, show the hospitable spirit that Lahoris are known for. And if the jams last too long, get creative. Enjoy the sun! Read a book. Have a backseat dance party. Or work on your late-summer tan. 🙂

Let the games begin!!!



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