There’s one photograph all politicians are universally terrified of: the one of them eating. Remember the time Ed Miliband was photographed eating that infamous bacon sandwich? He launched a thousands memes and in the process also terrified the crap out of David Cameron who subsequently tried to eat a hotdog with a fork and knife and was photographed doing so. He still looked like a total moron, by the way.

But did I say all politicians are universally afraid of being photographed eating? Well, I take that back. All politicians, except Pakistani ones, who are undeterred by the food faux pax. Our leaders  not only love their food, they take delight in being photographed gnashing at chicken drumsticks or ingesting entire plates of biryani as hungry supporters stand by and silently (read: hungrily) watch. 

Here are the few times our beloved politicians were caught, literally, biting off more than they could chew.


Nawaz Sharif is BANANAS!

You know how we often think about bananas in a sexual way. Believe me, after looking at this picture of PM Nawaz Sharif eating a banana, you won’t. EVER. AGAIN.

Also, fun fact about bananas: humans share 60% of their DNA with bananas. I always knew Nawaz Sharif was (at least 60%) bananas………


Imran Khan

The way Imran Khan’s eyes are almost popping out of his head — doesn’t it look like like he’s reached some private moment of truth? Unlikely, otherwise he would have given up on the dream that he’ll be PM one day. 


Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Whoops I’ve made a big mess. I hope daddy doesn’t ship me back to Oxford.

Shahbaz Sharif

Try looking for a picture of Shahbaz Sharif eating and you’ll find more pictures of him feeding other people, particularly confused looking foreigners. Like this picture of him feeding ex British High Commissioner Adam Thomson a big piece of cake:

Or this picture where he’s feeding this Chinese dude, China’s ambassador to Pakistan no less, who doesn’t look like a big gulaab jaman fan:


Shiekh Rasheed

If Pakistani politicians loved Pakistan the way Sheikh Rasheed loves biryani, we would be a superpower. I mean just look at the way he grabbed that box of biryani during a PTI rally in Sahiwal. Have we missed out anyone?Let us know in the comment section!




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