A Lahore based writer has gone into depression because she couldn’t find the 9th point for her listicle.  The incident happened when she was completing her listicle “9 things the colour of your poop can tell you about your personality”. The writer writes for a famous right-wing digital publication “NA PARHO”. According to our sources, Shazia usually takes about 5 minutes to complete one listicle.


Source: WikiHow

“It’s usually an easy job, think of an overly dramatic title, steal some images from google, construct one-liners from the first thing you find on google and voila you have a listicle!” – Shazia.

Shazia said, she absolutely loved being a journalist. Some of her famous articles are: ”7 Reasons why you need to go GAGA over Fawad Khan” and “9 Essential Skills women should learn to be a good Bahu”.



But this time when Shazia planned to write about the connection between poop and personality, she got stuck at the 9th Point. We asked if she could publish it without the 9th point but she explained that it is imperative for a listicle to have an odd number of points.

According to Shazia, all good listicles end at an odd number. She was stuck trying to come up with the 9th point for at least 24 hours before she officially took to Facebook to write a rant. When that didn’t help, she broke her phone.

Indeed it is a sad day for Shazia but all we can do is pray that she finds that 9th point.





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