Two days ago, the ex-premier of the country Nawaz Sharif called the Interior Ministry to ensure that the missing PML-N online social media activists be released. He further talked about why freedom of speech is important and why we shouldn’t be picking up social media activists, as it goes against the principles of a free country. He definitely had a point, and that too the right one.

Something we are not used to seeing Nawaz Sharif do, at least in the recent times.

But I’m afraid Sir, it’s too little too late!


The Hypocrisy

It was your government that actually passed the cybercrime bill, which basically gave agencies the power to do anything and everything they wanted. You were silent when social media activists were picked up; where was this vigor then? Or do these bold statements and courage only arise when it benefits your personal political agenda?


The Politics of Karma

The politics of bigotry and hypocrisy are the reason why you are not in that seat today. Remember your two friends Sadiq and Ameen, which were devised by your mentor Zia Ul Haq? You should have gotten rid of them when you had the chance. But you were too busy praising him and not thinking of the future. You know what they say: karma has no menu, you get served what you deserve.


The Party of the People?

You talk about a cohesive system, where the PML-N is a party for all but is it really? Your son-in-law stood in front of the whole parliament and said that a certain segment of this nation is not worthy of being called Pakistanis. Now it could be that Capt. Safdar, who is known for making unassuming and bigoted statements did this on his own. But it is highly possible that this was a means to neutralize the effects of the controversy that emerged over the amendments made to the Elections Bill that altered clauses relating to the finality of Prophethood. Or maybe it was done to appease your right-wing voter base. You and I both know that the latter two scenarios are plausible.

However, if I had to go with my gut and what history has taught me, I would say Capt. Safdar wasn’t alone in this. After all, you do have your fair share of love for the fundamentalist side of things. You did try to impose Sharia Law and declare yourself ameer ul momineen in the 90’s. So my question is, does talking about cohesiveness now, really make a difference?


Extremist Elements

Extremist elements like Rana Sanullah and Capt. Safdar are still very much a part of your party. Despite opposition to both of them, they continue to exist and yet again your silence is felt for miles. The list can go on and on Sir, from your time to backing a dictator to forming a party funded by the ISI – Islami Jamhoori Ittehad. All these incidents came back to haunt you eventually. I’m not denying that the system hasn’t been completely fair to you but let’s be honest: you have not been completely fair to the system either.

You might be heading PML-N, but you very well know that you are not wanted there. Your position as the leader of the party is as constitutional as Qamar Bajwa keenly watching Pakistan’s economic progress – appalling and forceful.


Tough Choice

Today, in the hustle and bustle of the politically immature Islami-Jamhooirat of Pakistan, you face a tough choice. Whether to let it all go or fight till the end. If you choose to fight, the journey is tough and full of controversies and hypocrisies; a life you’re used to no doubt. However, in every man’s life, whether he’s heading a company or a country, there comes a point when he holds the position not because the people want him to, but because the man simply doesn’t want to let go. These men are surrounded by well-wishers telling them tails of Narnia. You are not the only one to experience it. Every dictator has faced the same music in this country.

When the pages of history are filled, do you wish to be remembered as a man who lost himself in the hungry pursuit of power or one who realized it was time to call it quits? Maybe it’s time to pass the baton to your brother, maybe it’s time to right the wrongs you have done and just maybe you might find the road to redemption in the process.

Good day, good night and good luck!


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