In an unforeseeable turn of events, a local lahori, Salman Hambal refused to snapchat footage of an accident in DHA phase 27. Passersby were outright enraged by this non-chivalrous display. Police Officer, Inspector Saab, had to step in to prevent a clash from taking place.

Hambal #brokethenews when he stated in an interview, “I would rather stop and help the injured than post on social media while somebody is suffering.”

The masses are flabbergasted by his careless and selfish remark; Hambal’s followers on snapchat want to know what their fault is for being deprived of this vital information. In the aftermath, Hambal’s following on social media has fallen faster than democracy’s approval rating in Pakistan.

A correspondent of Real News took to the streets to question pedestrians who were present at the site of the accident. This is what one average Jamil had to say, “Hum pehle hi roti, kapra aur makaan se mehroom hain. Kya ab hum snapstory se bhi mehroom ho chukay hain?”

Hambal’s actions result in international repercussions for Pakistan

News of the incident soon reached London and and the U.S, causing a commotion. Altaf bhai rang up Bilawal and told him that Hambal would not be getting any ‘pappis’ from him. Moreover, the twitter fanatic, Trump tweeted soon after, “Hambal’s actions are a disgrace and will have serious repercussions for the U.S-Pak relationship”.

Trump comments on Hambal’s actions

Notable local politicians and army officials also took a swing on the matter. After a short re-enactment of the Cold War, in which politicians and army officials debated on who should and shouldn’t be able to talk about the issue, the prime minister finally settled the debate by siding with the boys in uniform.

“Everyone has the right to comment on a Pakistani’s snapchat story”, Prime Minister Abbasi, known to his friends as Abbasi Oye, commented while talking to members of the press.

Nashta, Aloo & Batain Bureau (NABB)

The Nastha, Aloo and Batain Bureau (NABB) has called a meeting on Monday to discuss Hambal’s actions or lack thereof. Officials have stated that this is worse than the Panama Leaks case. This incident could potentially wreak havoc on the delicate nature of Pakistani society.

What will happen to Hambal is anyone’s guess. In the meantime there are rumours of Hambal being allegedly targeted by Kim Jong Un as the Supreme Leader has run out of credible threats.

Hambal’s actions irk the Supreme Leader

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