Here’s your daily dose of Digestible News covering the reopening of Intra-Kashmir trade, new appointment of Council of Islamic Ideology chairman, excerpts from Osama bin Laden’s daughter’s journal, and much more!

Following a 4 month gap, trade to resume from Tetrinote-Chakan da Bagh crossing point of Kashmir

Greater Kashmir

Daily Digestible News No. 1: On July 7, due to heavy shelling across the Line of Control (LoC) in the Poonch division, trade and travel activities were suspended in the region. On Friday, officials from both sides agreed to lift the temporary ban on trans-LoC trade and travel, a move that is widely welcomed by traders and civil society activists.

New chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology appointed

Dr. Qibla Ayaz

Daily Digestible News No. 2: The former dean Faculty of Islamic and Oriental Studies of the University of Peshawar, Dr. Qibla Ayaz, on Friday was appointed by the law ministry as the chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) reported DawnNews.

Other newly appointed members of the CII include: Sahibzada Sajidur Rehman, Khursheed Nadeem, Hafiz Fazlur Rahim and Allah Bakhsh Kalyar. The new chairman and members of the CII will serve a term of three years. According to the Council rules, four meetings are mandatory per year and a minimum number of seven members is required to call a meeting.

Sharif’s family accountability hearing postponed till Nov 7

Nawaz Sharif, retired Captain Safdar and Maryam Nawaz

Daily Digestible News No. 3: After the Islamabad High Court (IHC) passed an order regarding the clubbing of three references against the Sharif family, an accountability hearing held on Friday against the ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif, his daughter Maryam Nawaz and son-in-law retired Capt. Safdar was adjourned. This is the first time that all three were present in the court together.

Sharif’s lawyer, Khawaja Haris, had approached the IHC on Thursday requesting the clubbing together of the references following which the IHC accepted the petition. It further requested the accountability court to provide a long order explaining the legal reasons behind its decision not to club the three references together.

Foreign secretary summons British High Commissioner over anti-Pakistan slogan on London cabs

Thomas Drew, British High Commissioner to Pakistan

Daily Digestible News No. 4: The Foreign Secretary, Tehmina Janjua summoned the British High Commissioner in Pakistan over the display of slogans on London cabs that,”directly attack Pakistan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.”

A statement released by the Foreign Office reads as follows,”the high commissioner was informed that Pakistan, in line with the UN Charter, rejects actions and advertisements with malicious content that impinge on our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The media reported that slogans of “Free Baluchistan” had also appeared on vehicles in London. A similar campaign was held in Geneva this September.

Excerpts from Bin Laden’s daughter’s diary released by the CIA

Osama bin Laden

Daily Digestible News No. 5: The journal is titled, “Special diaries for Abu Abdullah: Sheikh Abdullah’s points of view A session with the family,” which refers to Osama bin Laden by his traditional Arabic name. It covers conversations between bin Laden and his daughters, Miriam and Soniya, his wife and sons, Khaled and Hamza. The conversations took place between February and April 2011.

On Libya- “This is why Gadhafi and his son say that the extremists will come from the sea, which will be an area of operation for Al Qaeda. This will be the Somalia of the Mediterranean,” he is quoted as saying.

On Yemen- Yemen is the primary focus of the journal’s entries. Al Qaeda’s branch there is among its most active in the world and the journal suggests the group was plotting an assassination attempt against Yemen’s embattled ruler at the time, Ali Abdullah Saleh.



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