Last night in a high-profile meeting at Bani Gala, Imran Khan, the supreme leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf asked his party workers to address him as “Prime Minster”. Imran khan arrived at the decision supposedly after he was seen quarrelling with his dog. The Captain stated that he eventually persuaded his dog that he is indeed the leader of this nation; our news sources have confirmed that Imran Khan allegedly threatened his dog with a dharna if he did not agree to the captain’s wishes.

Dog vs imran khan

According to our sources these incidents aren’t new – Shiekh Rasheed and *** have received late night calls from Bani Gala with the same line:-

“Kab Banoun Ga Main Wazir-e-Azam.”

“I hear this line even while sleeping, coming through the thin walls, the echo never stops…” says Sheikh Rasheed. As evidence prevails, this masterplan has actually been simmering on for some time now.

This tactic according to Imran Khan was without any error as no one understands strategy better than him. He further told us that he took que from Daniel Day-Lewis who on the sets of the Movie “Lincoln” asked the whole crew to call him President. He said like Daniel Day-Lewis this will help him come into the role and will give much more legitimacy to his claims of the true messiah of this country.


Imran Khan and Lincoln


Jemima Khan, self-proclaimed daughter of Pakistan hailed the decision in the recent tweet and said the Naya Pakistan dream is closer to becoming a reality than one would think. She offered no further analysis to her claims.

PTI supporters have accepted the decision while still having some reservations to it. His strongest supporter bank, high school students accepted the decision whole heartedly. One of the students who keeps a picture of Imran Khan as his Facebook display, went on to say that this was his finest decision yet.  His other supporters, a little sceptical, however understand that he is doing it because he has no other choice. For them he is just playing politics and as the old saying goes “Politics mai kerna parta hai”.  No factual evidence actually exists whether this saying is useful but oh well Politics mein sab chalta ha.

REUTERS/Mohsin Raza/File photo

It seems like Imran Khan and his party is gearing up for the 2018 elections and they would leave no stone unturned.





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