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Farooq Sattar Back as MQM chief after brief resignation stint

Digestible News 01: The Pakistan faction of MQM, after a dramatic turn of events which lead to a brief resignation stint by MQM chief Farooq Sattar, announced that the decision to form an alliance with Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) was still intact. However, MQM would contest the 2018 general elections under its own symbol and manifesto.

Dr Farooq Sattar, who did not attend the party meeting due to “personal reasons”, called an “urgent” press conference later in the evening. In the press conference he announced his retirement from MQM and politics.

His announcement was immediately followed by chants of “not accepted”. However, after an hour of deliberations and persuasions, Sattar announced to take back his resignation.

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QUA students end protests after university restores expelled students


Digestible News 02: Protesting Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) students ended their strike on Thursday after the university announced their restoration. The decision came following a meeting between the vice-chancellor (VC) and Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Baligh-ur-Rehman.

The university has replaced the expulsion of the students with an additional fine of Rs40,000. The punishment for rustication for two semesters was also replaced with Rs25,000 fine.

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Pakistan is the 7th most vulnerable country to climate change: Germanwatch Report

Digestible News 03: Climate change is real. With an increasing smog in the air, a German think-tank Germanwatch launched its latest Global Climate Risk Index 2018 report. This year’s report is alarming due to the fact that less developed nations are more vulnerable to the phenomenon.

According to the long term Climate Risk Index for 2016:  Pakistan is ranked 7th in the 10 most affected countries list. It has a death toll of 523.1 lives per year i.e. 10,462 lives lost in 20 years and economic losses worth US $ 3.8 billion. During this time, Pakistan had suffered from 141 extreme weather events — let it be cyclones, storms, floods and heatwaves, etc. In last year’s long-term index (1996 to 2015 average), Pakistan held the same 7th position.

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Renowned writer Ibrahim Joyo passes away at 102

Digestible News 04:  Pakistanis mourn the loss of a diversified intellectual, writer, scholar and socio-political worker  Mohammad Ibrahim Joyo.  He dies in Hyderabad at the age of 102. He was known for safeguarding the interests of Sindhi language and literature. His first book, titled “Save Sindh, Save the Continent: From Feudal Lords, Capitalists and their Communalisms“, was published in 1947. He altogether wrote 52 books during his lifetime.

UK begins investigation into anti-Pakistani Advertisements on its cabs

Digestible News 05:  Transport authorities in London have initiated an inquiry into the display of anti-Pakistan slogans on cabs in London.

The Transport for London (TfL) authorities have started an inquiry regarding the matter and assured the Pakistani foreign office that disciplinary action would be taken against the perpetrators.

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FIR registered against TLY leader Khadim Rizvi

Digestible News 06: Islamabad police on Thursday registered a First Investigation Report (FIR) against sectarian outfit Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY) leader Khadim Rizvi in a case pertaining to the death of an infant.

The infant’s family was not able to reach the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) last night because of roadblocks. The roadblocks were put in place due to a joint rally being held by the TLY and the Sunni Tehreek (ST).

The police registered an FIR against Rizvi and other participants of the protest. The FIR is registered under Section 322 of the Pakistan Penal Code which deals with qatl-bis-sabab (unintentional murder).


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