Here is your dose of Daily Digestible News covering PML-N’s contestation of SC’s decision to re-open Hudaibya Paper Mills case, the lynching of a Muslim man in India, developments in Parveen Rehman murder case, and more!

PML-N: Supreme Court’s decision to reopen Hudaibya Paper Mills case unjustified

Hudaibya Paper Mills case re-opened
PML-N meets to discuss re-opening of Hudaibya Paper Mills case

Digestible News 01: Following a meeting between ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif and several notable government officials from the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) at his Jati Umra residence on Saturday, the party questioned the Supreme Court’s decision to accept the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) plea to reopen the Rs1.2bn Hudaibya Paper Mills corruption reference against Sharif and his family.

The PML-N claims it is unjustified to revisit the case once it had been closed due to a court order.

Muslim man lynched by ‘cow vigilantes’ in India 

Muslim man lynched in India
Ummar Khan

Digestible News 02: Local media reported that one Muslim man was killed and another injured by ‘cow vigilantes’ in India’s Alwar district of Rajasthan state, on Sunday. The two Muslim men were targeted for transporting cows in the same area where Haryana dairy farmer Pehlu Khan was lynched by a mob in April a few months back.

The mob allegedly harassed, assaulted and shot at the two men, named Ummar Khan and his aide Tahir Khan, resulting in the death of Ummar Khan.

CAA officials, airline owners booked five years after deadly Bhoja Air crash

Bhoja Air crash debris

Digestible News 03: A case has finally been registered in Islamabad against airline owners and other Civil Aviation Authority officials responsible for the deadly Bhoja Air crash that claimed 125 lives after the ill-fated Boeing 737-200, crashed in the Hussainabad area on April 20, 2012 after being hit by severe wind shear just as it was making its final approach to Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

Several petitions were filed with the first being filed by Abid Rehman, a Karachi native who told Dawn that the heirs of the victims of the crash had submitted a petition before the Islamabad High Court (IHC) in 2012. Subsequent petitions were filed in 2014, 2016 and 2017, with a case finally being registered today.

ANP leaders hired Taliban militants to assassinate social activist Parveen Rehman

Parveen Rehman
Parveen Rehman

Digestible News 04: On Sunday, suspect Amjad Hussain who was arrested last month in connection with the 2013 murder of social activist and director of the Orangi Pilot Project Parveen Rehman, confessed in front of the Joint Interrogation Team (JIT) that local leaders of Awami National Party had hired Taliban militants to assassinate her.

The suspect told the JIT that Rehman termed the local leaders as “ANP’s Qabza Mafia”, which they considered as an “insult” to them and their party.

PSP chief says his party has managed to rattle seasoned opponents

Mustafa Kamal
Mustafa Kamal

Digestible News 05: Pak Sar Zameen (PSP) chief, Mustafa Kamal, speaking to reporters on Sunday claimed that the struggle and hard-work of party activists and office bearers are giving “sleepless nights” to the opposition parties who have 40 years of experience in comparison to his party that is relatively new to the political scene.

“If a mere one-and-a half-year-old party can ruffle the feathers of a 40-year-old party, then it’s our triumph. Those who are confused today will join us tomorrow because atonement is necessary before faith,” he remarked.

Teacher arrested in Lodhran for brutally beating a student and breaking his leg 

Lodhran teacher arrested
Lodhran teacher arrested

Digestible News 06: On Sunday, a government teacher, Asghar was arrested three days after he broke his 15-year old student, Nabeel’s leg when he brutally thrashed him with a stick as punishment for not wearing his uniform to school. After circulation of the news, Lodhran Deputy Commissioner Raja Khurram suspended the teacher and police booked and arrested the teacher.

Claiming that he did not beat the student, Asghar said that “Nabeel broke his leg while playing with other boys on the school ground.”



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