For all the things carved in and out,

In the shade of sand and stone.

Long enduring the changing winds,

Bending, swaying and breaking.

Are we wondering or wandering?

Coming together only to fall apart,

Finding lost trails without leaving a mark.

Breathing, but not truly alive,

Faint, like the shadow on a wall.

Are we wondering or wandering?

Flipping coins and turning tables,

Changing paths and challenging destiny.

Laying still and silent,

Numb and unfeeling.

Who have we become?

A reflection,

A fading light,

A dying fire.

After all that has been said and done,

Garbed in darkness,

Masking the iridescent sun.


(c) Ryohei Hase


Author: Mariam Saeed Khan

Co-author: Samah Akhtar



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