A young bike rider in his mid-twenties was brutally beaten, abducted and killed by a Mercedes owner in DHA Lahore on November the 20th 2017. The young bike rider crashed into a grey Mercedes Registered LE15, 2014 around early evening.

The bike rider himself crashed on the other side of the road. Already injured, the young bike rider muttered the word “B***c***”, a commonly used word in Lahori slang. According to eye witnesses, the Mercedes owner seemed to be at fault for the accident.  The Mercedes owner got out of his car, went to the injured man only to ask him “tu nay b***c*** kis ko haha ha?!”. Moreover, he asked his guards to bring the jeep.

Eye witnesses report that the bike rider constantly tried to apologise to the Mercedes owner for uttering the curse word. The bike rider was brutally beaten up by the guards in front of eye witnesses and they were unable to stop the situation from getting worse.

The bike rider was then forced into the “dala” and taken to an unknown location.

The news we received, tells us that the bike rider, probably aged around 25-26 was murdered (beaten to death) by the Mercedes owner’s guards on his command at their defence residence.

The source of this incident comes directly from a fellow entrepreneur from LUMS who witnessed the entire incident from his bedroom window. The witness’s father tried to diffuse the situation and reported in immediately to the DHA security office.

There has been no news of this on any channel.

The situation is being hushed down. According to our source the police report has now been made against the deceased family instead of the Mercedes owner.


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