Today’s dose of the daily digestible news covers Sharif’s postponement of his rally in Baluchistan, PM assures Riyadh of support in peace talks, the government is held responsible in the aftermath of Faizabad protests and much more!

Digestible News No. 1

The government is being held responsible for mishandling the Faizabad protest

Digestible News no. 1

Digestible News No. 2

US: New approaches being used with Pakistan, India over Afghan issue

Digestible News No. 2

Digestible News No. 3

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abassi assures Riyadh of support in peace efforts

Digestible news no 3

Digestible News No. 4

Nawaz Sharif has postponed next week’s rallies for Baluchistan

Digestible news no 4

Digestible News No. 5

Autopsy finds free-will couple strangled


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