To a few of us, Pakistani morning shows hold little if any meaning at all; they merely contribute to the white noise that makes winter mornings seem less dull.

However, morning shows are the bread and butter for some people.

Looking at overall ratings, it cannot be denied that morning shows are watched by a significant portion of viewers. As many as 18 shows are being regularly viewed by the public, specifically by females between the ages of 15 to 45, with Target Rating Points (TRPs) ranging from 0.03% to as high as 1.51%. This tells us the exact percentage of households amongst a few thousand being surveyed that view these morning shows every time they air.

What does the general public think about Morning Shows? Most millennials that I spoke to in my circle, do not watch morning shows and as such, didn’t have much to say. But then again, there are those amongst us who hate morning shows and all that they stand for with a fiery passion. However, the fanbase of these shows cannot be denied, every morning millions of people tune in to watch them as there is a definite gap in the entertainment industry that doesn’t give the viewer much of a choice. 

Good morning, Pakistan

Morning shows share a major percentage of television run-time; the viewers spend up to a good 2.5 hours watching them on a daily basis. The following question begs to be asked: what content is being generated by morning shows?

Unveiling the mystery

What exactly are morning shows portraying? Are they educational, informative or just a source of mindless entertainment? I decided to conduct my own research and watch the show mentioned below:

Good Morning Pakistan

Unfortunately, I was only able to stomach 15 minutes of the entire show. The only thing I truly liked about this episode was that they tried to promote a budding Pakistani artist, and in turn, the drama industry as a whole. The experience as a whole was rather cringe-worthy otherwise.

Let’s explore why:

Pakistani morning shows are unfortunately doing a disservice to women by entrapping them in the very box that they need to be liberated from. By reinforcing gender stereotypes on a daily basis, morning shows lack progressiveness. The emphasis placed on exterior beauty and material belongings takes center stage when numerous weddings are enacted in the shows. Not only are unrealistic expectations being set forth but by recycling the same content, they are missing their chance to leave a mark on society and make the most of their air-time.

Morning shows and weddings go hand in hand

With the host dressed up in all her finery, every hair in place and every stroke of makeup applied to absolute perfection, a standard is being set. The host is not to blame. Big production houses need to look into what content is being produced. Unfortunately, gossip and fluff are what boosts ratings and that is where the focus remains.

Can there be an ideal Morning Show?

Morning show or dance practice?

While the fashion industry has it’s own place in society and does much for our nation’s economy, it is of paramount importance that instead of reinforcing age-old concepts of what defines femininity morning shows do their bit to empower women. It is essential that women who only have access to cable T.V. and not the world wide web be equipped with the necessary information and skills to survive in the twenty-first century that is dominated by technology. Short informative segments on how to best avail job opportunities, interview tips, and entrepreneurship may prove beneficial to the viewers. The change will not happen overnight, however it crucial that we start moving in the right direction.


Is it possible for morning shows to become a platform for sharing and learning? A platform that perhaps serves to better the lives of its viewers in whatever merger way it can? Only time will tell.






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