The following is a conversation that took place between ‘Tawa Jee’ and ‘Frypan Bibi’ in Pinky baby’s kitchen which resulted in their fallout.

Tawa Jee: ‘Frypan Bibi, you must be extremely exhausted from all the samosas and kebabs you have been frying these days.’

Frypan Bibi: ‘Oh bhai jaan, its shaadi season. All the aunties are looking for rishtas for their ‘good looking’ and ‘over qualified’ sons. Kebabs and samosas are the least of my worries!’

Tawa Jee: ‘Truer words have never been spoken! Trolley Saab’s duty is so tough these days, in and out of the drawing room day in and day out.’

Tawa Jee’s pardada in action

Frypan Bibi: ‘Poor Trolley Saab, he’s fed-up of all the pomp and show. He says Pinky baby gets so frustrated with these gatherings that she can barely keep herself from running out of the room.’

Trolley Saab rolls into the kitchen on his downtrodden wheels and collapses in the kitchen corner as Tawa Jee and Frypan Bibi’s conversation gets heated. 

Tawa Jee: ‘I think Pinky baby will find an appropriate suitor this time though. I really do hope she does, she isn’t getting any younger and honestly her rotis are not gol at all! I am a bit worried about her prospects.’

The elusive gol roti

Frypan Bibi: ‘Oho Tawa Jee! Society is progressive now. It’s not about gol rotis anymore. Education Tawa Jee, qualifications…that is what matters.’

Tawa Jee: ‘Bus jee, back to talking about the good old days when Pinky baby’s khala bought you from Walmart in the US of A? This is Pakistan, Frypan bibi, idher kuch nai badalta.

Frypan Bibi with her relatives in America

Frypan Bibi: ‘Gol roti, gol pait aur khali dimag! Your gol rotis feed the patriarchy that is destroying out society and enslaving our women!’

Tawa Jee: ‘Bus! Again with this Frypanazi batain! I won’t listen to another word! My pardada made gol rotis, my dada made gol rotis, my abba made gol rotis and nothing can stop me from making gol rotis too!!’

Frypan Bibi: ‘Just because you’re yelling Tawa Jee, doesn’t mean you’re right. You just wait and see. Har ghar se Frypan niklay ga!’


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