7 Seas apart, both born in privilege and both lacking the popular vote, have a fair bit of things in common but it doesn’t just stop there.

You might remember how, not too long ago, our all-time favorite, President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was actually removed from the site:

Donald Trump Twitter
He still managed to get the last word, bless his opportunity grabbing soul.

Twitter later admitted that it had only been the work of a disgruntled employee. Studying some of Trump’s tweets, some would say this had been a long time coming!

Take a look at some of his masterpieces:


Don’t hold back Trump. Tell ’em what you REALLY think!
Trying to be courteous about racism like… “it’s a tough subject”.
Has Trump ever considered a career as a rapper? Because he’s got the right attitude for it.

Clearly, tact is not a word that exists in President Trump’s dictionary.

This brings us to a worrying situation much closer to home. Is the dreaded fate of Twitter ostracization one that awaits Maryam Nawaz Sharif, one of our esteemed Pakistani politicians, as well?

Because honestly, the rate at which she’s going, it looks like she’s been taking lessons from Trump himself! Perhaps this is a conspiracy; let’s see who can piss off Twitter admins the most to the extent that they, in a fit of unbridled rage, block the account spewing the best and most obnoxious tweets! (And then blame it on “rogue” employees once the hysteria wears off.)

Let’s take a look!

The entire world might be acknowledging that it’s true. But we’re still going to go with the “my life, my rules” ideology and invoke God’s name while we’re at it to make sure it works.


Twitter just broke. Fluff and lies are a nasty, nasty combination.


What have we here? Giving lessons on accountability, are we?


Objective: Doesn’t matter how petty it sounds, you have to give back as good as you got it.


Anyone ever told this woman you’re supposed to ignore pointless, cringe-worthy questions instead of hitting back with equally cringe-worthy but even more obnoxious replies?

A shout-out to all politicians out there:

We get that politics can be a dirty game but can y’all maybe just try being a little more professional? Instead of outright bashing each other on social media and getting all personal, maybe try to exercise dignity and counter with solid factual arguments? And if you don’t have any, maybe just don’t say anything.

(Also, please… no love poems. Keep “first love”s out of it.)




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