*Discussing mental health has almost always been a stigma in Pakistan. This makes those who suffer contemplate whether they are a worrier or warrior as they struggle to balance their darkest thoughts with the social pressure to be a certain way. The following is one such instance of musing over the thought process behind it all.*

Why are you reading?

This is not my first piece of writing but I still don’t know if I should start this off with an essay or with an introduction? Oh well, here I am writing this for you. First of all, why would you want to read this article? What is so special about this? The title? Or is it something else that pushed you to open this up and read through. Boredom, maybe?

Honestly, I am writing this because I want to reach out to people and I have tried doing this before but it didn’t really work out. This piece of writing might be inspirational or might be a total piece of crap for you but just give it a minute if you can.

Warrior or  Worrier?

Let’s go back to the title of this article and now I want you to think if you are a warrior or a worrier. I want you to think because you are reading this and you will understand my words in the next 10 seconds.

I’ve been thinking about creating this image for a while now. This image can depict many situations. To quieten one’s ability to speak about how they feel or control what they say is a crime in its self. We rely on communication relieve our self’s on situations or emotion that may be bothering us. It is our right as human beings to express how we feel through yelling, talking, screaming, and even sign language. Sometimes silence can be golden but other times it can be a cry for help

Do you have those moments where you randomly wish to go on “Ted talk” and speak your heart out? I do. but woohoo reality check, I’m sitting on my round table and writing this while I imagine myself on that stage. Damn, I really wish I could do that because I know I am a warrior and to be very honest, a worrier as well.

When I see people talking about their hardships in life on that stage, I tend to empathize and then wonder whether others would do the same if I were on that stage.

I call myself a warrior but this is for the first time, I have said it aloud. I feel people don’t understand or peep into your soul to know the actual you. Perhaps, 2% of the people in your life might know you in and out.

I will voice my opinion

I am an introvert and I like to stay away from conflicts or unnecessary crap. But, I would still like to voice my opinions. In fact, I do voice my opinions but that happens in my brain only.

Did you notice how I jumped from one subject to another? This portrays the worrier side of me. I am still not able to talk about the dark side of my life and this is my fear because I don’t want my family to get worried after reading this. I’m still thinking if I should reveal my name by the end of this article but I think I should because that’ll be my first step towards getting out of my comfort zone.

Would this reveal make me a warrior?

Guys, a warrior is the one who goes against his nature to do something right. The one who smiles in front of the world while he dies inside, the one who spreads positivity despite everything falling apart. To all those closet worriers I would like to say:

Hey buddy, let me know what makes you smile while you die inside,

How do you say “shh it’s fine, it’s all good”, every night when you die.

Do you feel there’s nobody to lean on when you cry?

Are you, your only company?

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Oh well, acceptance is the most onerous or in simple words, the most difficult bit to have in life. We have to accept that people can blindside you with their unreliability. No one but you, can help yourself come out of a trauma or any problem, so why think you’re alone? Right?

My statement makes it very clear that there is no point of waiting on people. Stop it and worry less.

“Be a Warrior”

If this article goes viral, I want you to tell me if you are a warrior too and we never know, you could be the next big thing.








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