We all know Meera, Pakistan’s very own diva, unparalleled in both beauty and eloquence. We know about many of her escapades; being such a talented, beautiful actress, everything that she does must always be highlighted in every breaking news segment for at least three weeks after. Doesn’t matter if 20 people were killed in that bombing just yesterday. We still have to listen over and over again to Meera redefining the English language on national television, and then again on all our chat groups on Whatsapp.

See? Redefining.

Considering the exponential importance of Meera in everybody’s lives and for the country as a whole, we thought we’d rehash together some of her most badass moments over the years! Scroll down and take a look!

1) She refuses to leave the singing to the singers

In case you didn’t already know, Meera very recently made her debut as a vocalist, on live television no less! While we appreciate the level of confidence this must have required (no big deal for her though by this point), Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” perhaps might never again sound as soulfully intense for whoever has Meera’s version playing in their head.

If you think you can brave it, follow the link and watch Meera kill it on live TV!


2) Her infamous “Kaun Banega Mera Patti” show

This is a nice one; in 2011, Meera starred in a television show called ‘Kaun Banega Mera Patti”. She was meant to personally handpick the man she would marry out of a group of prospective suitors in the show. How dare she right? Here’s what everyone else thought:

As you can see, there are two types of people amongst Meera’s captive audience; some who can’t spell her name right, and others who throw around phrases like “hindo mard” to make her cower in shame.

3) Her attempts to woo Imran Khan

Over the years, Meera only gained more steam. In 2014, she changed the entire course of world affairs by setting her sights on PTI Chairman, Imran Khan. Wedding bells were ringing (but perhaps only in Meera’s world), as she claimed she would readily accept his proposal, in the event that he chose to propose.

Meanwhile, she’s dropping hints like…

However, when he embarrassingly failed to recognize all her incredible qualities and showed no signs of, well, anything, Meera displayed immense cleverness by putting the pressure on Jemima Khan instead. Watch the video, here. 

4. The denied entry into Qaddafi Stadium for a cricket match

Her avid interest in snagging Imran Khan as a life partner wasn’t her only foray into the world of all things cricket. A few months ago this year, Meera was witnessed being denied entry into Qaddafi stadium at the time of the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) final cricket match.

Had Imran Khan pulled a few strings (before he decided not to show up at all) because he was scared she would try to hit on him in person? Was it the work of Shoaib Khan, whom she had once accused of stalking her after their failed relationship. The very existence of which he later denied? Whatever it was, against all odds, she was seen on Twitter to be enjoying the final immensely:

Meera now defies cricket kingpins worldwide! Meera > world.

5) One-sided clash with Mahira 

Her recent, rather one-sided clash with Mahira Khan also made quite a few headlines! She seems to think Mahira is “side-lining” her. This is true, as the recent publicity garnering cigarette smoking incident in New York coupled with Mahira’s movie with Shahrukh Khan seems to be clearly aimed at reducing Meera’s own share of the spotlight.

Take a look at the entire saga, here.

What’s more, a video even recently came out in which Meera jee fulfills her civic duty and tries her hand at social work by standing up for the rights of all the overworked and underpaid female actresses of Pakistan (who incidentally, are all being oppressed by none other than Mahira Khan herself because she monopolizes the entire film industry).

Meera tells it like it is. Everyone listen to Meera, the very picture of objectivity.


Clearly, Meera has a fun, chaotic existence up till now. You have to admire her tenacity. Despite all the negativity thrown her way, she just keeps on going… and going. And you better believe she will never back down (even when it perhaps might be better to do so)! All scruples and prejudices aside, I don’t think anyone can do it quite like she does it!




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