News Alert: The government has announced that it will release the Bridal Brigade Task Force (BBTF) in case negotiations with the protestors holding Liberty Bazaar captive go south.

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Two days ago, a bride-to-be called for a sit-in at Liberty Bazaar due to the ever increasing prices of essential commodities during peak wedding season. Since then, many others have joined the cause with fervor. Shop owners have also been denied access to their workplaces. This sit-in has caused an unprecedented drop in the economy of the country.


The protest has slowly gained momentum as the media continues to provide exclusive coverage for the past 48 hours. As a result, Imran Khan, Zardari and Nawaz Sharif have taken to Twitter to broadcast their political agendas. Khan dubs these brides-to-be as #sheroes, while Sharif keeps asking, ‘Shop keepers ko kyun nikala?’. In light of recent events, the government is considering banning live coverage of the protest. This is because the government believes Raw agents have infiltrated Geo News.

A joint committee formed by the government and army has drawn up possible negotiating points. The Bridal Brigade Task Force is prepared to take action against the perpetrators in case they disagree to the negotiations. The clauses of the negotiations are as follows:

  1. The Bridal Brigade Task Force will ensure that each eager bride-to-be has a fully paid for Bridal Shower. It will be complete with over the top decorations and a diamond-studded tiara.
  2. The task force will launch a campaign so that every bride-to-be gets at least 100+ likes on all pictures and posts put up on social media platforms leading up to the wedding.
  3. As a last-ditch effort, the task force has also brought the renowned make-up artist, M.K. on board to provide free bridal make-up packages to help bring the sit-in to a peaceful end.
The deserted Liberty Bazaar

The following statement by a shopkeeper tells us about the gravity of the situation:

A.K: “Hum ne kapray ke qimat kya barhai, bajiyon ne tou hamari kamai aur rozi ka zaria hi band ker dea hai.”

If the negotiations do not go as planned, the government has given free reign to the BBTF to use whatever force necessary to contain the situation.

A plethora of Rishta Aunties has also flanked the outskirts of the protest. They hope that they’ll be victorious in persuading a protestor or two to switch alliances and pick the strongest suitor. The protestors, making use of the extra media coverage, are holding up posters with hashtags for their weddings so that more people may follow their event once the live media coverage of the protest seizes.

The hashtag #bridesneedsmatter has taken Twitter by storm in light of the protest.

We will keep bringing you live updates from the protest as it unfolds.


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