Some things are famous, some are popular, and then there are some that are viral, and that really surpasses anything else. There are definitely some things that really topped (and continue to do so) the trends on Twitter and Instagram, successfully earning thousands of retweets, shares, mentions and views. They caught our fancy, and if not that they surely caught our interest. Here is a small (albeit not comprehensive) list of things, people and events that will make this listicle the most viral one yet.

  1. Ahad Raza Mir

‘Yakeen ka Safar’ really pulled at our heartstrings. Featuring the son of veteran actor Asif Raza Mir (although this is not the only distinguishable fact about him), the epic character of Dr. Asfi entranced many. Be it his charm, his immense good looks (excuse me while I settle my heart), his chivalry with the leading lady of the show, Ahad Raza Mir was viral AF, and we truly understand why.

Seriously, is it any surprise?


  1. Hania Aamir

This dimpled beauty grew so viral this year that you can now see her face plastered on dozens of billboards across the country. Featured in the film Janaan, the demure character (so portrayed in the movie), soon began showing up all over our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Bonus fact:Hania Aamir is quite the Dubsmash maestro. We at Propergaanda rank her viralness at a solid 100%.


  1. Fabiha Sherazi

The seemingly obscure helper on Jeeto Pakistan, the television game show which is all about winning presents, was the most googled Pakistani of 2017. Talk about being the curious cat. The chuppi rustam can not only hand out presents (something that REALLY undermines her talents), but can also sing, and is a prolific model. I mean, she outranked Mahira Khan, Momina Mustehsan and Hania Aamir on the list of most googled Pakistanis, and tbh, we are not surprised. The girl is VIRALLLL.


  1. Panama Case

Okay this makes me LOL inadverdently. The avalanche against the ruling party of Pakistan, PML-N was set off by the scandalous Panama leaks, revealing the names of many people who had questionable off shore accounts. To our surprise, (or lack thereof, lol) Nawaz Sharif and his family was amongst some of the top few. Fast forward to July 2017 and the Supreme Court of Pakistan rendered the Sharif (or not so sharif) Prime Minister unsuitable to run the country and disqualified him. If this isn’t fodder to make the world go crazy and make the news viral, we don’t know what is. Which is why, this definitely makes our list of most viral events.

Here are Propergaanda’s two cents on the topic.

Source: Samaa TV
  1. Despacito

UGHHHHH. This hurts my ears, I am sorry. I FAIL to understand why people like it. I mean, is it truly deserving of it’s virality? I really don’t think so! The public disagreed though, with people changing the words of the famous Spanish song to make it more culturally apt, and making it one of the most viral songs of 2017. Shudder. The Luis Fonsi original generated 22.2 million Facebook interactions alone. I mean, imagine how viral it was guys!

  1. Uncle Majboor

HAHAHAHA. Please excuse me for including this in the listicle, but honestly, who can deny the internet enigma that is Uncle Majboor? Pakistanio, chor dou unko. Unko chor dou.


  1. Cats

Need I say more?

  1. THE Donald Trump

More than a year has passed since the capricious leader’s election and OH MY GOD, does that guy know how to be viral or what? Be it his questionable and very non-diplomatic tweets, his absolutely ridiculous laws, or the faces he makes, that guy tops charts across all social media platforms, making him, in its truest definition, viral.

  1. The real MVP of viral things, NUTELLA

Is it just me or do videos of slowly oozing, dripping, chocolaty Nutella laden desserts truly make your mouth water? EVERY time I go on my Instagram explore tab, open Facebook, go to Snapchat stories or Discover, OR check out food tweets, Nutella is there. The hazelnut spread is more than just food, guys. It’s a godsend.



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