BOL has always been controversial. In the past, it has been a topic of discussion for their coverage of the Axact fake degrees issue, and for stigmatizing innocent bloggers as apostates. More recently, BOL initiated an unfounded and toxic campaign against a social activist Jibran Nasir, accusing him of blasphemy. As responsible citizens, it is obligatory for us to stand against fake news, regardless of whether it is manufactured in Trumpland, or in our very own backyard.

Here are just a few reasons to stop watching BOL:

1) They have biased notions and often espouse anti-democratic rhetoric

Despite defining its position as a centrist media group, BOL has been noticeably aggressive in their programming towards left-leaning social activists and civilians.

2) They gave Amir Liaquat a prime time slot for his very own television show

BOL allowed the controversial Amir Liaqat to organise a show during their prime time slot. The show was similar to Arnab Ghoswami’s show on Times Now.

The show intended to silence criticism of the status quo by targeting individuals that were vocal with their concerns about pressing social and political problems.

For example, Amir Liaqat referred to recently abducted bloggers as apostates, even though he had no evidence of this.

FIA stated in court that there was no evidence found to suggest that the bloggers had engaged in any kind of blasphemy.

Given that people have been murdered by mobs for merely being accused of blasphemy without any evidence or inquiry into such matters, it would not be incorrect to conclude that an accusation of blasphemy is practically a death sentence.

3) They glorified Zia-ul-Haq’s regime

Over time, a consensus has developed that Zia-ul-Haq radicalized Pakistan when he was in power. He imposed martial law and designed political chaos in the country. Many social problems stem from the foundation stones that Zia laid.

BOL however, is almost nostalgic about Zia’s era; they have actively promoted dictatorship instead of advocating for democratic values.

4) They malign individuals that do not blindly agree with the will of those in power

BOL vilifies anybody that asks questions about or criticizes state institutions. BOL accuses them of being traitors and agents of Indian agencies. They have no proof to corroborate any of the allegations they make. Who put BOL in charge of validating anybody’s patriotism?

5) They supported Shahrukh Jatoi, and condemned a petition against a murderer

According to the petition, Mr. Shahrukh Jatoi killed Shahzeb Khan publicly, and terrorized all the people around with his ruthless act. The application contends that it is an act of terrorism and Jatoi has to be convicted as a terrorist, because by killing Shahzaib publicly, he subjected other civilians to brutal violence, and thus, terror.

Up until now, more 93,638 complaints have been filed against BOL. These complaints demonstrate that people across the country are rejecting BOL. You should, too.


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