More than a week ago, Kim Kardashian West visited Pakistan with her rapper husband, Kanye West. They had been planning to go to some exotic land for a couple’s retreat but couldn’t decide the destination. Any place that would garner maximum international attention for the brand was welcome on their list of potential places to visit. As fate would have it, Kim matched our very own Miss Meera jee using the famous Google Arts and Culture App. Big on cosmic signs, Kim decided to contact Meera jee to plan a trip to Pakistan. Meera jee consequently invited the couple to Pakistan. During their stay in Lahore Meera also introduced the couple to Sheikh Rasheed, and Imran Khan.


The Landing

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West landed at Lahore Airport via their private jet and were amazed to see how immigration didn’t practice any kind of racial or gender discrimination. The only partiality they saw was VIP treatment, which they gave a thumbs up to. Meera jee even smoothed out the problems with customs by her charm and wit. As far as the first impression goes, the couple was impressed by how different actual Pakistan is from media’s portrayal. They were also in awe of Meera Jee’s accent, which they described as exotic.

Ladies Day Out

Kanye was too severely jet lagged for sightseeing, so Kim and Meera had a ladies’ day out. Since Kim wanted a real Lahori experience, her host got them front row seats on the Lahore tour bus.



The two ladies shared their love for calling out people on Twitter. They really bonded. After all, both had struggled hard to come so far and people still don’t know why they became famous. Though, Meera Jee considers the comparison a little unfair since she was the face of Lollywood for a considerable time.

Visit to Shaukat Khanum

Kim on a visit to Shaukat Khanum hospital praised the efforts of Imran Khan and even made a huge donation. Imran invited them to dinner at his home in Bani Gala. Imran Khan and Kim even worked out a strategy to bolster Khan’s social media presence to help him win the upcoming elections. Kanye was actually pretty impressed with Khan’s Dharna strategy and wondered if he can apply the same tactics in the U.S. You see, Kanye himself is thinking of standing for presidential elections and a long dharna/concert on the streets of New York might just be the way to go!

Shiekh Rasheed vs. Kanye

After the meeting, Kim, Kanye, and Meera left for the capital city and en-route made a stop at Lal Haveli, where Kim found her husband’s real agenda.



After partying Kanye paid a tribute to their host for his Forrest Gump moment to reach the Dharna. However, Sheikh Rasheed angered Kim by asking inappropriate personal questions about Caitlyn Jenner. Sheikh and Kanye had a heart to heart about the latter’s 2020 US presidential bid. They both agreed that if Kanye becomes president it would vastly improve USA’s image globally. Kanye was over the moon to have found a political mentor in Sheikh Rasheed. Sheikh also gave him a few political tips for a successful campaign and decided that he should make an official announcement for running at next year’s Oscars.

Dinner at Khan’s

Dinner at Khan’s was a little awkward due to tension between Imran and Meera. Khan agrees that after Trump, chances of Kanye being next President are high. Khan’s spiritual guide and marriage prospect also shared that she has seen Kanye in the oval office. Kim told Khan that when it comes to marriage third time is the charm, presenting her own life as a proof. At night, Khan took them to see Margalla Hills. Looking at hills Kim had a déjà vu of being at Sunset Boulevard with only the Hollywood sign missing. Kanye showed others what his wife was envisioning.



Khan later on his twitter also promised his fans that if he becomes the Prime Minister, Pakistan will host a Kanye concert every year. People weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

The Emotional Good Bye!

Kim surely ruffled a few feathers on her visit but overall Kim and Kanye had a relaxing trip. Meera and Kim shared an emotional farewell with the promise of a future LA visit soon.


For further details of the trip, watch the season finale of KUWTK, (Keeping Up with the Kardashians). The whole drama and excitement of the trip will unfold in that episode. Till then, stay tuned!!!


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