After Islamabad and Multan, the Coca Cola Food & Music Festival 2018 (aka #CokeFestival2018) finally hit Lahore and people couldn’t be happier about it! The three-day event was a phenomenal success. It was held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February at Lake City Golf and Country Club, Lahore. The festival was more memorable than last year’s because all the foodies present got to witness the glorious FIFA World Cup Trophy first hand!

There were countless food stalls surrounding the big lake; it was difficult to decide which way to go because each stall had something unique to offer. And not only in terms of food; it was a battlefield of creativity! Some stalls were offering exciting games along with food, others had excellent photo booths installed where you could take photos while enjoying the food, some even provided free samples of their delicacies for everyone.

How could any foodie resist?!

However, there was one stall that took crowd magnetism to the next level! The Innovative Biscuits stall was one of the most colourful and lively ones. People had gathered around, waiting impatiently long before the stall was all set.

The stall had attracted many before it even opened up!
The stall had attracted many before it even opened up!

Innovative Biscuits had brought something very different to the festival.

It was the Ice Cream Sandwich bar!

Foodies could get their own customised ice cream sandwiches. For Free! And it was just as exciting as it sounds. The activity included three simple steps:

Step 1: Choose your preferred Innovative Biscuits!

There were two kinds of biscuits to choose from: Innovative Digestive and Choc n’ Chip cookies.

Step 2: Pick your favourite ice cream flavour!

There were eight scrumptious flavours of cream including Chocolate Ranch, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Kailaba Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. The toppings also came in an exciting variety. We had bunties, vanilla chips, chocolate chips, both chocolate and rainbow coloured sprinkles, along with strawberry and chocolate sauce.

Step 3: Dress it with your favourite toppings!

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the activity as well as the outcome of their own creativity. We decided to talk to a few people and ask them how their customised ice cream sandwich was. The responses were amazing.

Afifa and Sofia with their ice cream sandwiches.
Afifa and Sofia with their ice cream sandwiches.

Afifa, who was there with her little daughter Sofia, thought the quality of both the biscuits and the ice cream was extremely good. She said,“Acha brand hai, definitely chalay ga!” Even the shy little Sofia added that she really liked it.

Alize and Bakht enjoying the activity.
Alize and Bakht enjoying the activity.

We also inquired about the flavours people were having. Alize went for the Innovative Digestive and Belgian Chocolate. Bakht preferred the Choc n’ Chip cookies and mint chocolate chip. Both of them selected white chocolate chips to decorate their sandwiches.

Raania, describing her love for Innovative Biscuits.
Raania, describing her love for Innovative Biscuits.

Raania told us all about how she used to eat Innovative Biscuits all the time as a kid. She said it brought back her memories from school. “Making a sandwich out of these is even more fun. I love this whole activity”, she expressed while munching on her ice cream sandwich.

Everywhere we looked, the staff from the Innovative Biscuits Ice Cream Sandwich bar was moving amongst the crowd, carrying enormous trays of free biscuit samples. We thought they were doing a great job at distributing the samples until they revealed their next move! It wasn’t only the staff members who were giving away the biscuits.

Innovative Biscuits had also hired their own drones for the purpose! The hovering drones captured the crowd’s attention immediately. We’re all accustomed to the sight of drones at weddings; however, this was the first ever drone sampling in Pakistan!

The drones carried baskets full of biscuits and flew around, offering it to the crowd! People were highly fascinated.

As if that was not enough, Innovative Biscuits had one more secret hidden up their sleeves!

There was a booth installed in a corner of the stall and every time someone walked past it, an animated Innovative Digestive Pack on a giant screen would shout out a compliment! Towards the end of the evening, Innovative Biscuits decided to reveal who had the audacity to be so bold. And guess who was uncloaked?

Vasay Chaudhry!!!

That’s right! It was our favourite actor and humorist sitting inside the booth all that time. When we asked Vasay about the activity he said, “It was surprising and full of fun for people to speak to an animated pack of Innovative Digestive. It was fun to watch their reactions!”.

Innovative Biscuits definitely had the most interesting set-up. The biscuits already had a loyal customer base. The ice cream sandwich bar was an instant hit. The never-ending crowd spoke for itself.

Team ProperGaanda also indulged in the activity, by the way!

And not just once!! The ice cream sandwiches were just so delicious.

We all wondered where Innovative Biscuits would be launching the first ice cream sandwich parlour. So we asked Talha Imran, the Assistant Brand Manager. He told us that Innovative Biscuits planned this activity only for their customers, so they could indulge in their biscuits in a unique way.

Ah, well! We really enjoyed the ice cream sandwiches! So did everyone else. Besides, who will cater to our future cravings for these munchies?!

Who knows, maybe Innovative Biscuits will just HAVE to consider bringing the ice cream sandwich back!

Fingers crossed!


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