Zainab’s murderer might be have been caught. But the flaws in our system and our society are as exposed as ever.

The hashtag “#JusticeforZainab” was used everywhere, and it surely provided the required impetus to pressurize the authorities into action. And now the whole country sits in peace thinking, that yes, justice has been served.

But no, justice has most definitely not been given to the little girl who was brutally murdered and raped. In fact, “#JusticeforZainab”, still awaits. Imran Ali, the proven perpetrator isn’t the only culprit. Nay, each and every citizen of this country is equally at fault for this.

Ladies and gentlemen, the problem is in us. Why is it that rapists walk around us and we haven’t even noticed? Why do we have a society in which they live in perfect harmony with us? Waiting to make their next move, breathing down our necks, putting us and our families at risk. Sure, we caught Imran, but what about the rest? What about the others who have attacked and gotten away with it? And, what about rapists who are married off to the victims on order of a Jirga or Panchayat, and for what? To save the family and it’s so-called “honor”?

The international community wrongly accuses us of harboring terrorists. However, we are actually guilty of harboring rapists.

The wound of what happened with Zainab was still fresh when the case of 4-year-old Asma from Mardan came to light. And this morning, the case of a boy from Faisalabad who suffered the same fate came up. Wasn’t Zainab enough to make us understand, to bring about a change? Why is it that rapists are still continuing on their original trajectory and our society is content in doing nothing. Because according to the media, Zainab’s murderer being caught= a job well done! Furthermore, according to our journalists, the shelf life of the story is over, and it’s time to move on to the next thing, right? How shameful can our society become?

It’s a shame that journalists and media are mainly concerned with political alliances. Or, debating which province has the better police force and then moving on to find the next ‘Breaking News’, when such crimes are still occurring in our country. What more can you expect from a society that makes a person an anchor not on his qualifications or degree, but because of his apparent “good” grammar, looks, and the ability to become a social media messiah? Wow, we are certainly headed on the right track when we have people like these shaping the mindsets of our country.

Speaking of anchors, take a look at Dr. Shahid Masood.

Instead of focusing on what he had to say about Zainab and the murder, he’s was criticized for other reasons. And the murder of a child has been politicized because of the anchor’s criticism of a politician. What is wrong with us? I’d also like to mention that after Dr. Shahid Masood mentioned the “Dark Web” and it’s possible link to an international hub for child pornography, there was a significant increase in the number of searches for the Dark Web and Child Pornography in Pakistan. Fascinating isn’t it. How even after the murder of a little girl our country has savages who are intrigued by this revelation. Who decided to web search child pornography and feed their hunger.

And, what are we focusing on? Oh right, an anchor and how he accused a politician rather than focusing on the fact that we still have demonic and evil human beings lurking around us.

Instead of focusing on politics and turning everything into a political party battle, for once in the life of our messed up media, can we actually use it for good? Can we stop showboating how the Punjab Police has managed to capture Zainab’s culprit, while the KPK Police has yet to find the perpetrators of the cases in their province? Can we, for once, be mature enough to realize how much pain and suffering the victims’ families are going through when they see their daughters and their photos being aired, while politicians use them for their own publicity purposes. Can we stop showcasing the political speeches and chanting “Mujhe Kyun Nikala” and pretending that all is well? We are in a state of illusion and all is not well.

We’ve decided to put this Zainab, Asma, and all the other children on the backburner and shift the focus onto the upcoming PSL, elections,  and God knows what.  While we still have rapists, murderers, and barbarians lurking around us, waiting for their next victim.

We’re using these tragedies as a publicity stunt to gain more followers (Both online and in real life). To show superiority in the political arena. And, to throw around #JusticeForZainab for public approval and then focusing on something else on Twitter so as to stay on top and be  “up to date”.

How cruel and pathetic is that? How uncivilized can we become?

If we can track down the increase in the web searches on child pornography, we can easily track down those who’ve decided to Google such a thing or list their IPs on probation so as to keep them in check for future instances. Because people don’t transform into abominable criminals in a day. These psychopaths take time and stopping them before they make their next move is the only way forward. That is the way for us to control and save our society, which in the end, is the true way to give Zainab justice. To ensure that such a thing doesn’t happen, EVER AGAIN.

The authorities won’t be of any use. It’s up to us, to look around us. To keep an eye out for such assailants. And, stop them in their tracks so that we can finally, give Justice to Zainab. Give Justice to Asma. And, give Justice to all the other children, and people of all ages who have to go through such traumatic incidents. Let’s prevent such instances from ever happening again.


Zainab- letter to editor by Jaffar

Syed Muhammad Jaffar Abbas


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