The Pakistani tech sector has been flourishing recently.

According to a Pakistan Startup Report, the E-Commerce sector alone has a market value of 15M. Nowadays, there are several startups including those independently founded and those that have gone through incubation or accelerator programs. These startups are working hard and showing significant success in Pakistan’s market. Given the substantial youth population in Pakistan, Tech revolution has a huge potential to positively impact Pakistan’s economy.

Career choices in the Tech Industry

Tech startups also create job opportunities in various fields in the industry. Working in tech is a great career and here are a few examples of tech jobs a person can pursue:

Software Architect

Source: redpanda software
Source: redpanda software

Architects usually design buildings, then supervise their construction until completion. Software architects do the same thing but with a computer software. A software architect is a person that designs large and complex software applications and dictates technical standards including the coding standards, tools, and platforms that are to be used in a computer software.

Median base salary abroad: $130,000 annually

UX designer

The UX(User Experience) designer is the person that takes on the task of improving the satisfaction of users by managing the look and feel of software, the part that the customer touches.

Pakistanis are well equipped to succeed in every field. A Pakistani youngster Muhammad Zeeshan topped Upwork’s User Interface Design Category.

Median base salary abroad: $91,800 annually

 Software Development Manager

Source: Manhattan College
Source: Manhattan College

The name says it all! The software development manager is the person that manages software development projects. This position envisions product development from initial design through testing and manages the project until completion, while providing strategic management direction.

One famous software development firm in Pakistan is Arbisoft which has worked for many famous organizations like LUMS, Indeed, eHuman etc.

Median base salary abroad: $135,000 annually

Web Developer

Source: XDA Developers
Source: XDA Developers

Web developers AKA web designers are responsible for maintaining and designing websites. With the rising demand of organisations to produce eye-catching and visually pleasing websites, skilled web designers are highly prized. This job position requires strong knowledge of PHP, JAVA, MySQL, and other softwares but having an eye for creative designs is also necessary.

Some of the famous firms that provide web development services in Pakistan are Square 63, Recurship, HireNinja, Arbisoft, OneByte, and Novatore Solutions.

Median base salary abroad: $116,840 annually

Information Security Analyst

Source: Sentra
Source: Sentra

Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer systems and networks and to develop effective defense plans. The responsibilities of this position have been expanding recently as the number of hackings, cyber attacks, and data breach cases have increased. Information Security Analysts are responsible to ensure that the networks are watertight and to educate staff to avoid unintentional disclosure of material information and to keep up with threats externally.

Median base salary abroad: $70,581 annually

Data Scientist

Source: UME Academy

More and more companies are collecting data these days, a fairly recent trend called ‘big data’. Data Scientists are basically in charge of collecting and analyzing data to form meaningful insights. A data scientist is a person who knows how to extract meaning from and interpret data, which requires one to possess statistical skills. So why is data science so much in demand nowadays? More and more data is produced in this ongoing era than it was in the entire 20th century. This makes it evident that success of firms is highly dependent on how companies turn their data into actionable and useful insights and craft great strategies out of it.

Median base salary abroad: $116,840 annually

Mobile Developer

Source: Ward Technology Talent
Source: Ward Technology Talent

A mobile developer is essentially a person who writes mobile apps. Because of the large rise in the usage of smartphones nowadays, mobile developer jobs are in high demand.

The firms mentioned earlier for web development are also famous for mobile development in Pakistan.

Median base salary abroad: $90,000 annually

QA Analyst

Source: LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

QA (quality assurance) analysts test the software programs or games to make sure it is reliable, fully functional, and user-friendly before it is launched to the public. A test plan is implemented to evaluate thousands of lines of code to make sure that they are error-free. They report the results to the project leader so that the issues that arise are fixed accordingly. QA analysts also have a role in the early stages of project development to assess potential pitfalls.

Median base salary abroad: $53682 annually


There are preconceived notions amongst the society in Pakistan that career choices other than in the medical and/or engineering field have little scope in the future, hence they are not good options. However, no single career is superior over another and nowadays there are other available professions that are excelling greatly such as the rising jobs in the tech industry.

For those tired of their existing jobs and looking for a change in their field, do give the above options a consideration!


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