The Syrian Civil War crisis is one not hidden from the world. The armed conflict between President Bashar al Assad’s government and the various opposing forces has now entered its eighth year. The conflict continues to wreak havoc in Syria with an insurmountable death count, all the while creating an international outcry against the atrocious war crimes being committed against innocent civilians. Just last month, the Syrian Military moved deeper into Ghouta, leaving over 600 dead. Harrowingly, many of these were children. Photos of these children are being circulated all over social media, only adding to the helplessness. But, while awareness about the conflict through social media is important, equally important is tangible action. For those hoping to do a bit more, here is a list of some reputable organizations working to raise funds for the children displaced in the conflict.

1) Alkhidmat Foundation:

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One of the leading non-profit organizations in the country, Al-Khidmat is working to raise funds for Syrian refugees. Proceeds from the donations go towards providing daily care items. These include medicine, stoves, tents, blankets etc. To donate through Al-Khidmat, click here.

2) Customs Health Care Society:

Image Source: Global Giving

CHCS, Pakistan has a special appeal in effect to collect aid for Syrian refugees. The donations you make through CHCS will go towards rehabilitation of the refugees in Turkey, a country hosting millions of them. You can find and verify the account details and information, here. You can also directly send a donation to through funding page on Global Giving. 

3) Islamic Relief Worldwide: 

Image Source: Islamic Relief Worldwide

For overseas Pakistanis, Islamic Relief Worldwide has sent out an emergency appeal to help Syrian refugees. They also have the latest information on the crisis to help understand the magnitude of the crisis. To donate, click here.


Image Source: Unicef

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and United Nations Children’s Fund are household names when it comes to international donations. You can donate anything from $10-100 and more. A little goes a long way. A $20 donation, for instance, is roughly PKR2200 and can help send 50 warm blankets to refugee camps. To donate, click here.

5) Save the Children: 

Syrian refugees
Image source: Save the Children

This reputable organization allows you to make a one-time donation or set up a monthly one. You can send in monetary donations for relief supplies, as well as order special care packages for the refugees. You can also send in a personalized card as well with words of support for those barely hanging on to slivers of hope. So, go the extra mile and take some time out to browse donation options, here.

It doesn’t have to end here

Other than these organizations, keep a lookout for other ways to help. Some celebrities are also using their social media platforms to raise awareness. For instance, singer Annie Khalid currently has a fundraising initiative for Syrian refugees in place. Similarly, you can also set up a Go Fund Me page to personally overlook fundraising for Syrian refugees.

Lastly, other than monetary help, let’s change the way we talk about the conflict. Comparative analysis of how a particular cause is greater than the other will disallow empathy to develop. A human life lost, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, due to any senseless man-made conflict or natural disaster, is a loss to humanity as a whole. Let’s approach humanitarianism collectively and cohesively.


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