On March 5, 2018, a protest was held at Liberty Chowk, Lahore against the genocide in Syria. It was organized by a non-profit organization called ‘Stand For Humanity’.

Why was the protest held?


 The protest was organized to condemn the bombing raids that have killed thousands of innocent civilians in Syria’s long drawn civil war. In the recent fierce assault in eastern Ghouta, more than 600 people reportedly lost their lives. Thousands were also injured. Many of the raids targeted hospitals and that has led to a grave plight. How can the injured be treated now?

The violence has led to low food supplies, starving children, lack of medical facilities, and an alarming death toll. Last year, the total death count was 11,321. If Syrian President Bashar-al Assad’s regime continues, the situation will get more disastrous and harrowing.

Who attended the protest?

Present at the protest were people of different ages and backgrounds. There were students and housewives, all in solidarity with Syria. Even children were present. Their banners delivered their heartfelt messages.

Other than protesting, what can we do as a nation?

It is definitely a great step to raise our voices against the siege. However, what was slightly upsetting to see was the relatively low turnout at the protest. We are quick to condemn lack of action and awareness on social media. But, not many are willing to step out of their comfort zones and actually stand in protest against the heinous crimes being committed in Syria against humanity. But understandably there is a feeling of helplessness and we all want to do something. And, there are many channels through which the Syrians can be aided right now. We have researched and found some reputable organizations that are actually providing rehabilitation aid to the Syrian refugees by raising funds.

If anyone wishes to do more, HERE is all the information you need!




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