The flickering of the candle.
The evergreen fragrance of the rose.
Today is the day, when I talk to her.
I have to.
I’ve been up since the sun rose.

If I tell you I love you, I want to believe it.
If I tell you I will always love you, I want to believe it.
I wish I could say it and mean it every single time.
I wish I could say it to you every day
I wish.
I really do wish.

I know everyone has their own road in life.
Our road may be together for a short while
But I don’t want to leave.
Sometimes it feels right.
Sometimes it feels like this is the one.

I wish I see you today.
I wish today wasn’t one day.
I wish it was every day.
So I could see the perfection in your eyes,
The hope in your smile.
The glow of your presence.

I love you today.
I loved you yesterday.
For me, today is not special.

For me today is every day.

Source: tenor

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