23rd March is celebrated by an impressive military parade and flag hoisting ceremony because it marks the historical session of All-India Muslim League where the idea of a separate state was officially accepted. The Resolution was held in Lahore. All Pakistanis celebrate Pakistan day but many do not have the knowledge about the objective behind the resolution.

Most of the intellectual and political leaders behind the movement were initially nationalists; they all fought for a Hindu-Muslim settlement. However, the differences between the two nations could not be disregarded. Previously, many prominent personalities like Sir Syed and Chaudhry Rehmat Ali had proposed the concept of the two nations and the division of the Sub-Continent.

The movement was officially launched by Jinnah in 1940 on the 23rd of March.

9 facts about Pakistan Day that you might not have known:

All India Muslim League (1936)

1. Did you know that the Pakistan Resolution was initially known as the Lahore Resolution when it was passed by the All-India Muslim League in 1940?

2. It was passed during the second day of three-day session held from 22-24 March. The Resolution was signed on the third day.

3. The Lahore Resolution is also referred to as the ‘Father Document’ of Pakistan because it is the ONLY idea that was discussed and agreed upon by all the leaders.

4. Minar-e-Pakistan was built to commemorate the day when the resolution was passed. The monumental building took 8 years to complete.


5. The contents of the Resolution are prominently carved out on Minar-e-Pakistan.

6. The text of the Resolution expresses the idea of the state but it neither uses the name ‘Pakistan’ nor does it link the demand with Islam.

7. The Lahore Resolution was drafted by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan and was translated in Urdu by Maulana Zaffar Ali Khan.

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan

8. The Resolution was read aloud by Moulvi Abul Kasim Fazlul Haq; he spoke without the help of any public address system.

9. The first constitution of Pakistan, the one that declared it ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’, was also passed on March 23rd, 1956. The day, therefore, was marked as Republic Day, instead. But the constitution was abrogated by Iskander Mirza and martial law was declared. After that, the day simply became known as ‘Pakistan Day’.

So, how many of these facts did you already know?

Let us know if we missed any!


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