March 19, 2018, the political world was in uproar as Amir Liaquat joined PTI. No. This is not fake news. Even though most of us wish it was. But Imran warmly welcomed Amir into his party like a long lost brother.

Amir Liaquat is, unfortunately, a name that needs no introduction. The Pakistani Awam remembers him fondly as the Bhai who gives away Firdous Lawn and force feeds people mangoes. Amir Liaquat now says that after the fiasco that was his last aired show, he spent time in rehab. He claims to be a changed person. And his spiritual awakening has made him realize how much world needs him again. He is a hero, better yet, an avenger.

Amir Liaquat had never been a fan of PTI. Therefore his unrealistic inclusion in party has divided the followers.

He says he had a dream in which spirits guided him to a big house, that turned out to be Bani Gala. Therefore, he knew his purpose. After tarnishing his reputation repeatedly in media, it is now time to make his mark in politics. He has declared PTI his akhri muqam aka final nail in the coffin.  Also, Amir and Imran both are huge fans of Ghalib.

Imran has said

“Allah nay Amir ko aik khas talent diya hai bolnay ka”.

He is the new Press Secretary for PTI. His show was cancelled for hate speech. Imran now wants him to use that “talent” directed at PML-N. Also, as a disgraced televangelist he can sing, dance and rap, so PTI no longer needs DJs or Salman Ahmed.

Amir Liaquat plans to revolutionize judiciary and PEMRA because his shows were mistakenly banned for vulgarity. Next up, he is also planning on recruiting the legendary Waqar Zakar, and the angel-eyed Tahir Shah.


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