Music, for many of us, is not just lyrics and a beat compiled together, but a way of life and a source of comfort. Quite a lot of people will resonate with this statement.

Being part of the crowd at concerts and enjoying as one is an essential part of the music experience.

For this reason, the work done in Karachi by local start-up ConnectHear in collaboration with the famous Pakistani band, Strings, and Habib University is an incredible milestone for the country and its deaf community; for the first time in Pakistan, 300 Deaf people were able to fully appreciate the concert experience.

This was made possible by four interpreters present on the stage alongside the performers. They interpreted the lyrics for the Deaf audience members as the songs were performed. To ensure the best possible musical experience, the sound system was arranged in a way that allowed Deaf attendees to feel the vibrations as well.

There was a lot of excitement and plenty of appreciation from all sides for the effort.

Check out the video here:


ConnectHear is at the front of this social change.

ConnectHear is a start-up company focused on bridging the gap between Deaf people and the rest of the community. So they are given more equal opportunities that everyone else receives. It is exactly the work of organizations such as these that will not only help them feel a part of their surroundings but also remind us that they have equal rights to public spaces and resources.

Here is a tweet from the organization itself, encouraging inclusivity and positivity.

To learn more about the lives of hardcore deaf music fans, check out this article, here. It lauds the important idea that ‘”access is independence”

No one should be made to feel like an outsider, no matter what their apparent physical or mental limitations are. Studies on inclusion in relation to students, in particular, have shown that it has prominent positive effects on their performance; students experience increased levels of motivation and self-esteem. It is thus essential that everyone is encouraged to test boundaries and try to accomplish the incredible, and this deaf-inclusive concert has been a great way of doing just that.








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