In a grand show of political zealousness, PTI had a successful Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore. In what is being called a big power show before the elections, Imran Khan gave a powerful speech about the direction he envisions for Pakistan’s development. A massive crowd of die-hard PTI supporters listened fervently to the speech. During the jalsa, Khan introduced his 11 point scheme, which quickly became the talk of social media.

While assessment continues on the 11 points mentioned above, here are some scenes from the rally itself as a summary of the event.

It is a fact that political rallies often appeal to the spirit of patriotism in Pakistani youth. Whether it be a PTI rally or a PMLN one, this nation surely loves a good rally.

Here are some moments from the jalsa that highlight why this is the case.

What better site to appeal to the love the citizens are expected to have for their country than Minar-e-Pakistan itself.

PTI volunteers also set a good precedent for other jalsa attendees to follow, no matter the political party affiliation.

The fresh PTI convert, Amir Liaqat was also spotted at the jalsa.

And, Sheikh Rasheed was observed in his element as per usual!

While it is great to see people from different walks of life coming together to demand better in terms of the 11 points, we have to remember that rallies are only the starting points towards change. For them to translate into formidable action, any party head or other leaders have to be held accountable by those who closely follow them the most. Opposition party members will almost always dive at any opportunity to scrutinize leaders that they don’t associate themselves with it. But it is also up to those who support the leaders to stay critical of their actions so that the common man never suffers. Only then will Pakistan progress socio-economically and politically. And while we support mainstream political parties as they rally for social change, let’s also look at the marginalized voices. Because they too are only fighting for social-economic and political security, the same as any mainstream political party supporter in the country.




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