There is no denying that we live in a world where everyone is connected in one way or another. On one hand, this connection has done revolutionary wonders for the world. But on the other hand, it has been widely misused.

This is especially true for social media platforms, that either misunderstand the concept of entertaining, or have reached new lows just for the sake of it.

Making rounds under the latter, is a video posted by Daily Pakistan around two weeks ago. It is one of those videos where an individual decides to conduct a social experiment. This is aimed at imploring the feelings of the masses towards a specific topic.

Social Media

However, this particular topic not only has us scratching our heads but is downright absurd, to say the least.

With more than 900K views and 11K shares, this audacious video demonstrates a young man in the streets of Pakistan. He is seen urging women of all ages to answer to the following question:

“Do you like men? Or Eunuch’s?”

The illogicality of this question is infuriating. Living in a time where equal rights are being fought for at a global scale; we are having a good laugh at their expense. We are all for social media humor, but even that requires some standards in order to be well-executed. An offensive joke for the sake of a few futile laughs at the expense of someone who is biologically born a certain way makes no sense.

Daily Pakistan has a following of 7.5 million people. One would expect them to give some empathic thought to the content that goes out. However, this particular video seems to have only garnered negativity – for good reason. Out of the 1.3 K comments on the video alone, the social media page sparked both social and religious annotations.

Not only do they ask the debilitating questions, they went so far as to use ludicrous pictures to add validity to their smutty humor.

The individuals who seemed to be looking for a tangible connection in the question were ridiculed further. This was evident when the anchor, Yasir Shami went so far as to comment that “Eunuch’s are ugly, characterless and lack refinement. Will you still pick them over men?” Some even identified the utter foolishness of the inquiry and steered clear from making any comments.

It was prevalent from the setting of the video that it was shot in a university environment, targeted at students.

Does this pose a question to the level of integrity we possess as a population?

Is this the best way we can use our social voice? Are a few cheap laughs on baseless ideologies really our meat? It only makes us wonder – how low can humanity stoop to get a handful of likes and a bucketful of comments? Driven by the addiction of becoming a pervasive phenomenon, have we lost all sense of humanity and empathy?


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