In a refreshing step forward from holding mainstream sports series, Pakistan starting tomorrow is set to host the first Super Kabaddi League in the country. The Super Kabaddi League will take place from 2-10 May, with over sixteen international players from seven countries and 116 national players reportedly set to take part in the league. Franchised based teams representing cities of Lahore, Multan Gujrat, Karachi, Islamabad, Gwadar, Faisalabad, and Peshawar will partake in the inaugural edition of Super Kabaddi League. The Pakistan Kabaddi Federation is behind this event, which is becoming the talk of the town for a host of reasons. And, here is our take on why this is so.

The Super Kabaddi League is an important bridge between what is considered rural and urban.

In a country that crazes itself over cricket tournaments such as the PSL, the Super Kabaddi League is a great encouragement for the sport’s enthusiasts from around Pakistan. Kabaddi, a famous contact team sport is being played in South Asia since decades now, particularly in rural areas. Now, it is taking greater force in cities as well, which is a great amalgamation of rural and urban ways of life. An amalgamation that hopefully will help do away with the stringent notions of what urban centers perceive to be a ‘backward’ way of living. Truth be told, our rural areas are finally getting due credit in how they are at the heart of shaping Pakistan’s culture in a way that makes us unique.

What is best about the league is the female participation in the games.

For a traditional sport, the involvement of female players is quite untraditional in a way. These women are breaking a lot of norms in their participation. They are breaking stereotypes of the limits society assigns to the female body in terms of public participation in sports. Like women cricketers do, here is hoping that Pakistan’s female Kabaddi players continue to shine and do us all proud.

The preparations for the opening ceremony today are also creating quite the excitement around the Super Kabaddi League.

The matches are set to kick off from Wednesday, May 3.

The draw held yesterday led to the following schedule and everyone has their eyes out for a great show of sportsmanship.

Kabaddi Super League has created a fresh wave of excitement for Pakistan. It has given people a chance to celebrate mounds of talent in Pakistan, which is often untapped into. The scale of the league is sure to attract international attention as well. Here is to hoping that the Kabaddi Super League is a first of many sports tournaments that diversify the sports played and appreciated in Pakistan.








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