As Labour Day came to a close, my friend and I kicked back and relaxed. We shared a joint and discussed Ashraf, who made his own special rolling paper at home and had been making the rounds all day today even though his wife and kids were sick back home. He’d come to us especially with only an hour’s notice when we realized we’d gotten done with work earlier than expected and had some time to unwind.

Ashraf worked hard. Some might look down their noses at him because of the nature of his profession, but he was a more decent guy than most. Funny thing was, he’d known about Labour Day but decided to use it to his own financial advantage instead; he explained that because it was a holiday, people would have time on their hands for some recreation.


Labour Day

We were relaxing now, but it had been a busy day. I’d had a school report to write on Stalin, and my friend had to do an in-depth study on AIDS for a upcoming test.

I’d jokingly pointed out that maybe we should’ve just taken the entire day off since it was Labour Day, after all, but that’s all it was: a joke.

Who really celebrated Labour Day by just sitting around idle the entire time?

Ironically, it was today that the renovation work at our next-door neighbour’s had started. Who was going to say no to an honest day’s work? There was always someone willing to work.

My dad, a lawyer, was leaving for a work meeting this morning when my mom pointed out that it’s Labour Day. My dad replied in a mock serious tone that yes, she was right; he should call up the associates visiting from America that they’d have to come next week instead.

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My mom just rolled her eyes and opened her accounting book where she kept track of all her client payments. It was a great day to tie up some loose ends.

My brother said it was a great mid-week break before he went back to Karachi for work.

I guess Labour Day means something different for everyone.

As I waved goodbye to my friend whose sister was picking her up on her way back from work, I personally thought Labour Day was a bit of a farce.

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It is just like another one of those things in our society. It performs a positive function for some while doing nothing for others. But then again, it’s the government. It is the law. So we take a step back, shut the door, and take a break.

Happy, happy Labour Day.


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