We live in a world where human beings of a certain race drop dead like flies if another from a different race decides to declare them unworthy. The disparity between races is a brawl being fought for centuries. Therefore, the impatience shown by whites towards the Asians or the blacks is an uncomfortable notion. However, when this disparity grows between residents of the same country, things start to make little sense. Such is the poor fate of the shi’ites of Pakistan. They have always become a scapegoat of the inhumane target killing that Muslims fight against in the Western World.

The Hazara community is a Shia minority residing in Quetta. Their massacre initiated in early 2001 when more than 300 of them were brutally targeted and assassinated. Since then the question of their life has been in the hands of the Taliban. In recent times, the numbers have only spiked.

April alone has led to four distinct attacks.

In a desperate attempt to save themselves and the lives of their future generations; the Hazara community has recently declared a hunger strike. This is led by activist Jalila Haider. However, on day five of the strike, none of the government officials have so far as even acknowledged their adversity.

There has been no media coverage – it is almost as if the government has decided that the Hazara community is fictitious and inhuman.

Hazara Massacre

In a country where the killer and the killed have become faceless numbers; thousands of Hazara’s are being viciously and violently bombed or shot at for more than twenty years now.

Much to their dismay, almost every assailant has managed to escape.

The massacre is the epitome of racial discrimination. They have been an objective of Sunni violence merely because of their distinctive facial features. Their permanent settlements in certain areas within Quetta have made it even easier for the assailants to plan and execute outbreaks.

The police officials have failed to arrest any attacker in a score. Under the frantic belief that nothing else might prove effective or come to their rescue, the community is demanding safety measures to be provided through the strike. Even though the Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal has provided assurance to the community to execute demanded security measures, effective immediately – the strike has still not been terminated.

The minister has declared solidarity with the community and promises have been made to eliminate all future attacks. The community is demanding justice with little desire to believe the hollow and futile pledges being made with no execution.

Their day to day life, education, livelihood and their social life – everything has come to a fatal halt. The Hazara community demands and is urging the government to hear their plea and save what is left of their existence.


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