Marvel’s much-awaited “Avengers: Infinity War” has been a hot topic of discussion amongst fans online for months before it even came out. The unanimous opinion given out by everyone who walked out of the theatre after watching the movie was that: It. Was. Incredible. For some, it exceeded expectations; for others, it was exactly as good as they’d been hoping for.

Those of you who haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet and want to experience the surprises and joy first-hand – Warning: DO NOT READ AHEAD

Those of you who hate spoilers, and are continuing to read this –


We present to you, after a bit of asking around, a compiled list of the top 10 most enjoyable moments experienced throughout the movie!

1. Ebony Maw Gets Dissed

Here we have Maw, one of Thanos’s henchmen, getting all riled up and ready to kill:
“Hear me, and rejoice. You are about to die at the hand of the children of Thanos. Be thankful that your meaningless lives are now contributed to the balance…”
Tony Stark i.e Iron Man doesn’t really care about the solemnity of the moment for Maw, however, and responds with a dry, get-out-of-my-face quip that audiences loved:
“I’m sorry. Earth is closed today. So pack it up, and get out of here.”

tony stark GIF

Always, always badass

2. Thor’s New Stormbreaker

Thor gets a brand-new weapon, the Stormbreaker, after his original hammer Mjolnir was destroyed in Thor: Ragnorak (by his sister no less)!

infinity war power GIF

This was an exciting moment!

An interesting part was of this was how Groot (from Guardians of the Galaxy) offers his own arm to be used as a handle for the new Stormbreaker axe.

3. Loki’s Death

Image result for loki's death infinity war gif

It should be noted that Marvel set a precedent by dropping bombs from the very beginning of the movie; Loki ends up leaving us in the first five minutes. This is a particularly emotional scene, not only because he’s meeting his end after only just becoming a hero, but also because everyone knows this is, in fact, the real thing.

4. Spiderman Dons A New Suit

The Iron Spider suit that Tony Stark offered Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming which the latter initially rejected, makes its debut in Infinity War!

infinity war avengers GIF

Unfortunately, the newly vamped up suit, although fitted with spectacular gadgets we’re sure, still wasn’t able to withstand the onslaught and keep Peter Parker alive…

5. Battle of Wakanda

This was rumored to be one of the biggest battle scenes that would take place in the movie, and it did not disappoint. Fans were delighted to return to the setting of Black Panther, this time with the entire Avengers team, for a face-off against Thanos and his army who had laid siege to the kingdom.

suit up infinity war GIF

T’Challa, King of Wakanda, suits up and gets ready to head the battle.

6. Star Lord’s Deep Voice

He denies it, but Peter Quill (Star Lord) definitely deepens his voice to imitate that of Thor’s upon their encounter in the movie. Whether it was due to an inferiority complex or just plain old mockery, we’re not positive; but it sure was hilarious!

infinity war avengers GIF by Marvel Studios

There’s definitely a bit of animosity there.

7. Chaos at Greenwich Village

Here’s another iconic mini-battle scene set in New York; Iron Man, Wong, Spiderman, and Doctor Strange go head to head with Maw and members of the Black Order (Thanos’ team of villainous aliens). This scene is infused with jaw-droppers like the Hulk blasting through roofs and Tony Stark (rather accurately) referring to Ebony Maw as “Squidward” from Spongebob.infinity war avengers GIF

8. Thanos’ Sacrifice

Cited as one of the most emotional scenes in the movie, it came as a surprise to many that there is someone in the world stone-cold Thanos actually truly loves: his favourite daughter, Gamora. We know this as Thanos is told he has to give up something he loves in order to get the soul stone; he ends up pushing Gamora off a cliff at the planet of Vormir as a result.

gamora GIF

Crowd favourite Gamora’s death was a major moment for fans: a definite tear-jerker.

9. Iron Man’s Almost Death

It would not have come off as a total surprise to fans if Tony Stark had croaked in Infinity War; some might have even been expecting it due to the circulating rumor that the death of a major character would take place (thought to be either Tony Stark or Steve Rogers). Alas, despite receiving quite a beating from Thanos and finally getting stabbed in the stomach (this was one scene that was met by a palpable hush in the theatre), he’s still standing once the movie ends.

infinity war avengers GIF

This death would’ve broken too many hearts to count.

11. Family Drama

Here’s a hilarious part of the repartee between Peter Quill and Thor that we thought should be applauded for its dry ingenuity:

Thor – Families can be tough. Before my father died, he told me I had a half-sister that he imprisoned in hell. Then she returned home and stabbed me in the eye. So I had to kill her. I feel your pain.

Peter Quill (Star Lord) – I feel your pain as well. I know this is not a competition, but I’ve been through a lot. My father killed my mother. Then I had to kill my father. That was hard. Probably even harder than having to kill a sister. At least I came out with both my eyes.

It Sucks Infinity War GIF

Peter Quill sure was on a roll!

12. The *snap*

Returning from the movie, it was this concluding scene that had fans in full freak-out mode. We were hearing things about how “it killed everyone”; and it doesn’t get more accurate than that. Marvel really did end up killing almost everyone. Thanos does receive a killing blow from Thor’s hammer but the final victory is still Thanos’. With a single *snap*, he puts an end to half of the universe and with it, half of the members of the superhero team so many hold dear.

Related image

This was a particularly emotional scene, where fans (temporarily) say goodbye to Peter Parker. It also showcases the depth of the relationship between Parker and Tony Stark.


All in all, many agree that it was a great cinematic experience with a meaningful, albeit depressing culmination; fans are encouraged, however, not to lose heart because we all know Marvel will bring almost everyone back!


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