PML-N’s Rana Sanaullah is once again in the public eye for all the wrong reasons. Sanaullah currently faces intense criticism over his questionable remarks on the women present at the PTI jalsa earlier this week. Crossing all bounds of respect and decency, the lawmaker called into question the crowd favorite concept of ”ghairat”, when criticising the women in participation at PTI’s power show. PML-N faces deep trouble over this, with Shahbaz Sharif himself apologizing for the misogynistic remarks. Imran Khan also condemned the attack on his fellow party members.

Facing scrutiny from all corners, Sanaullah has himself refused to apologize for the remarks. In turn, he has challenged Imran Khan to handover his BlackBerry phone so that allegations of PTI MNA Ayesha Gulalai against PTI chief can be probed. 

Rana Sanaullah’s remarks have sparked a social media outrage, with several women from the public sphere coming out to condemn his comments.

Heartening to see these female journalists using their profession to turn the tide against Sanaullah. Will there be a significant impact on Sanaullah himself if female journalists refuse to interview him? Perhaps not. But it is the step taken to resist and protest, which is appreciable to say the least.

These tweets above address several key points. Sanaullah’s comments reek of the deep-rooted misogyny that permeates through private households and all sectors of public employment as well. They also raised the interesting point of women supporting women. Maryam Nawaz’s silence over the matter is quite loud, ironically. Shouldn’t fighting misogyny that effects all women take priority over protecting some insecure male party member? This was the time to set the precedent. If Shahbaz Sharif can apologize publicly, the least Maryam Nawaz can do is acknowledge that the comments were made in ill taste an that they won’t be tolerated at any cost.

This Twitter user points out how pervasive the problem is, with a great twist.

Considering the CIE’s are upon students countrywide, this tweet is rather witty in its content. Students with even an inkling of logical reasoning will be able to ace this hypothetical question. After all, there is great material to fill sheets with.

In a midst of tweets lambasting Sanaullah, the following interesting revelation surfaced as well:

Indeed, let’s wait and see if PML-N’s leadership has the same guts to rid their party of such intolerable people.

Meanwhile, PTI has formally taken up the matter in Punjab Assembly. The party has called upon the Assembly to enforce his removal from his post immediately. And rightly so, women participating in politics is a fresh change.


Whether you agree with PTI’s policies or not, it must be acknowledged that a greater political presence for women has been realized under the party’s ideology. Where women once were afraid to enter male-dominated spaces such as political rallies, they now stand at the forefront demanding a better socio-economic position for themselves. Participation by women from the general masses that is and not just the daughters of politicians such as Zulfiqar Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif. While power at the leadership level is also a feat for women, it is the involvement of all other women from various walks of life that is the true achievement. It is the women’s achievement themselves, not one bestowed upon them by men. All men have to do is respect their right to that public space. And other women have to stand in solidarity against such misogynistic rottenness, no matter the political affiliation.




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