After PTI and PML-N’s massive rallies, PPP has also come out with their first power charged show in the shape of their Quetta jalsa. The Pakistan People’s Party held its rally in Balochistan, the long-neglected province of the country. PPP also managed to draw a large crowd at the Hockey Ground in Quetta. PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari made several promises, all in accordance with the needs of the province i.e. peace and development.


Other than the usual political comparisons, Bilawal’s visit to Balochistan was quite extracurricular” in a way.

Whether for a photo-op or not. It is still heartening to see a relatively young leader of a major political party engaging with the victims’ families.

The defining feature of the PPP Quetta Jalsa was the dynastic politics as per usual.

Interestingly, Bilawal claims that PPP was subjected to dynastic politics by default. “My grandfather was killed, which forced my mother to enter politics, and she was assassinated, which forced me in,” said the young leader in an interview with the BBC’s Hardtalk. This is a claim worth pondering over. Was dynastic politics enforced? Or were the unfortunate deaths somehow a deciding factor in garnering sympathy votes for PPP?

Social media was also quick to compare the Quetta Jalsa to previous engagements by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto in Balochistan.

These tweets have created that air of nostalgia, which will certainly help PPP gain a wider voter base. Nevertheless, Bilawal’s rallying points are concrete. At the very least they are diverting attention to a neglected region in Pakistan. Any voice raised against suppression in Balochistan, especially by a mainstream party, is bound to have some ripple effect in creating awareness. So, PPP’s decision might be politically strategic to hold their first rally towards the general elections in Balochistan. Yet, Bilawal’s promises are certainly worth following looking out for and following closely.


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