In the latest news from the hub of jalsas i.e. Pakistan, there has been a clash between PPP and PTI over their venue for the upcoming rallies on May 12. Both parties had announced to hold their jalsas at Hakim Said Ground in Karachi. Owing to this, an altercation ensued between supporters of the two parties as they attacked each other’s camps at the ground. It is being reported that PPP workers initiated the clash, but PPP workers are also lambasting PTI supporters over their role in the clash as well. Motorcycles were set ablaze as well because, of course, our favorite pastime is burning things. Motorcycles, cars, and tires are the most favorite targets of our rage.

Before looking into the matter itself, here are a few videos and pictures from the scene.

Aamir Liaqat of PTI was present at the scene as well.

PPP had already acquired a permit to hold the jalsa at Hakim  Said Ground on May 12.

While PTI just set up their camps at the venue already allocated to PPP. In light of this, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has lamented over this act as a provocation by PTI.

PTI has made the following change to their original announcement since the altercation.

Even though they had no option but to change their venue, considering they had no permit in the first place, it is still commendable an action to remain peaceful at this time.

Interestingly, however, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is set to change the venue as well.

While it may ring true that PPP initiated the clash, it remains that PTI set up shop when another party was already set to hold their jalsa there. With complete NOC to hold the public gathering that is. Nevertheless, violence should never be the answer. PPP attacked PTI workers, injuring several people. PTI reacted by setting vehicles on fire. It is unfortunate that jalsas that are rallying for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan, end up becoming breeding grounds of festering hate and intolerance amongst people who are at the end of the day, all Pakistanis.

*Image Source: Dunya News*




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