It is the age of the startup culture. Of course, this isn’t to say that any and every business wasn’t a startup at one point. To say that it is the ‘age of startup culture’ is to define the atmosphere that is increasingly assisting youngsters to set up their own businesses. It is a break from the typical, traditional occupations in medicine or engineering. Organizations have lately been developed worldwide to assist in the optimization of your brainchild i.e. your startup. Such an organization, the National Incubation Center, was incorporated in Islamabad. It held an award ceremony for graduates of its first cohort of startups yesterday, which is a milestone for Pakistan to achieve greater prominence in the digital world.

What is the National Incubation Center (NIC) and what does it do?

NIC is the largest incubator platform in Pakistan in collaboration with Jazz, MoITT, Ignite, and Teamup. To date, NIC has provided invaluable technical assistance to about forty startups in Islamabad alone. It was inaugurated in 2016. The center has provided innovators with a world-class facility, mentorship, incubation, and acceleration programs. Yesterday, the first cohort graduated from the NIC, which includes 21 innovative startups that seek to bring about social and economic change in the consumer market.


The first cohort includes several socially impactful startups.

For example, Rise Mom is out to revolutionize the way working mothers in Pakistan are able to spend their time. There doesn’t have to be a huge compromise in the way women choose between motherhood and their careers. Rise Mom’s platform aims to provide quality daycare facilities to mother’s with young children, so they can monitor them without having to compromise on those few hours that they concentrate on themselves professionally.

Another interesting startup called Chefling Tales aims to create a digital network of foodies in Pakistan. The idea is the promotion of the traditional cuisines of Pakistan and the longterm vision is to make it renowned worldwide.

Mapalytics is another digitally advanced startup that graduated from NIC. At Mapalytics, customized 3D technology assistance is provided to companies. This includes digital preservation of heritage sites, online tourism, e-learning, and a whole lot more.

And, these are just three mentions from a list of 21 incredible startups.

The creativity of these new startups is quite a boost towards a digital Pakistan. Even if the business model is geared towards a ground activity such as the one provided by Rise Mom, the web presence is what boosts businesses considerably. And this technical assistance is provided by the NIC. The NIC has been greatly successful in helping out with strategies to develop viable business models around a product or service. And it is on to expand in Karachi. Reportedly, a $6 million National Incubation Center Karachi is to commence operation this month as well.

The graduation ceremony yesterday is a testimony to the dedication and genius of our youth. It just goes out to show that with the right guidance and support Pakistanis can be at par with leading startup gurus of the world.

*Feature Image Source: ProPakistani*


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