The Pashtun Long March reached Karachi despite immense opposition and various attempts in stopping the leader, Manzoor Pashteen, from reaching the venue. The Pashtun’s have been rallying for their civil rights for a long time and their peaceful protest continues to face a media blackout. An official NOC was also issued for the protesters to rally peacefully. Even with restrictive clauses, the NOC was still in effect when all these hurdles were placed in Pashteen’s way.

Here is a quick overview of the numerous obstacles faced by Manzoor Pashteen and other leaders of the PTM.

Manzoor Pashteen wasn’t allowed to board his booked flight from Islamabad to Karachi. And this was just the beginning of his long journey.

PTM supporters waited patiently while Pashteen persevered to get to the location.

Here are also some powerful moments, which beg the question of how anti-state PTM really is.

How is it that rightful citizens peacefully supporting each other become a threat to the state? Is the country state property? Or do the common people have any rights over Pakistan as well?

Activist Jibran Nasir has a raised a very valid point about the connection between the Pakistani flag and the PTM. Isn’t it the right of all citizens, irrespective of ethnicity or class, to feel safe under the flag wherever it stands tall? Or it the flag’s protection meant for a select few?

Despite there being a power cut at the venue, the protesters continued their rally peacefully. Not like the mainstream political party supporters who resort to hooliganism to meet their ends. Peacefully protesting citizens? Certainly the greatest threat there is to the political culture of Pakistan.

An innocent child yearning for her father. Bereaved sisters demanding justice for their brothers. All making their claims and stories known peacefully, have somehow become a threat to state organs. Our markers of anti-state behavior are dangerously messed up, to say the least.

The following tweet sums it all up.

PTM’s Karachi rally happened against all odds. It was a true power to the people moment as Pashteen reached Karachi after over 40 hours on the road. Only to give the message of peace to his supporters. So the question really is:

How is the PTM as a movement being logically treated as a threat to the nation?





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