The ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict took a deadly turn on Monday as Israeli snipers opened fire on Palestinian protestors along the Gaza Strip. The harrowing attack reportedly claimed 58 lives and injured thousands of others. What is most disturbing is that the root cause of this violent eruption sat oceans away, safe and secure, in the confinements of his heavily protected abode.

US President, Donald Trump, is being held responsible for this incident.

Why? Because he has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and has opened the US Embassy there. The people protesting this move became the target of the senseless violence at the hands of the Israeli forces. The decision to inaugurate the embassy on May 14 was particularly jarring for Palestinians. The date marks what they call the “Nakba,” or Catastrophe, in memory of the more than 700,000 Palestinians who were either driven from or fled their homes during the Arab-Israeli war that accompanied the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

Protests have ensued world over against this decision and the following massacre.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump had to say the following.

His delusional celebrations and the reality of what actually happened is perfectly juxtaposed in the following video.

Donald Trump’s commitment to peace was amply demonstrated in his ill-conceived decision. In just the first few hours of his supposed move for world peace, he managed to put in motion the death of 58 innocent people and crippled 1000’s others. It was like giving free reign to Israeli forces to openly massacre Palestinians. The effects of this will undoubtedly be felt all over the Middle East. Trump has already increased the presence of marine corps at US embassies across the Middle East. Because the backlash is slowly but surely coming.

*Feature Image Source: AFP*




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