Pharmaceutical agencies nationwide faced a sticky situation today as representatives staged a walk-out at the annual board meeting. This was in response to Fair&Lovely’s new reveal: multivitamin capsules for skin whitening.

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Fanatically pointing out the socially acceptable range of skin colour

An insider source told ProperGaanda that an enraged employee promptly resigned after stating the following: “Is this what our unhealthy obsession with fairer complexions has come to?! We have no electricity, literacy and employment rates are astonishingly low – but of course, there is always room for complexes ingrained in our minds from colonial times!”

Others, with their noses up in the air, while speaking to the press, claimed they had no room on their shelves to store whitening multivitamins made by “god knows who, using god knows what”.

Malik Ahad, the leading scientist behind the creation of Fair&Lovely’s new multivitamin, spoke to BBC yesterday regarding the entire issue, “It is not like this is the first time a whitening multivitamin has been introduced in the market. The reason all these pharmaceutical reps are so bent against it is due to their own prejudices against Fair&Lovely and its legitimacy as a skin-care brand.”

Ahad brings up a good point: the legitimacy of Fair&Lovely as a brand. 

(Answer: There is none.)

Towards the end of the board meeting, one particular representative on the board had the audacity to present the following solution, “Maybe not everybody wants to be peachy pink.” Said representative has since been dismissed.

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In the meantime…

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Here’s a specially designed skin colour spectrum you can use to judge your worth while you wait to use Fair&Lovely’s all-new multivitamin!

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