In a marriage that lasted from January 6th to October 30th in 2015, Imran Khan and his former wife Reham Khan have made the headlines regularly, since. At the height of his political career, 3 years ago, Khan took his following by storm by announcing his wedding to a former journalist residing in London. Her positive image in the eyes of the Pakistani population was as short-lived as their marriage.

Since the traumatic and very public end to their union, Reham Khan has since made the headlines. She has been very vocal about her disagreements with Imran Khan’s policies and political approach.

In recent events, she has even gone so far as to embellish his character and voice her support for the Noon brothers.

To take this a step further, Reham Khan has reportedly authored a book, which is set for publication right before the general elections in Pakistan. The content of this book has since made rounds in the media.

Her claims have been catechized as they tend to debrief not just Imran Khan’s political stance but his character as a husband and integrity as a potential political leader.

In the defense of his leader, social media enthusiast, PTI supporter and television media star Hamza Ali Abbasi has made his point of view no secret. In a recent post he provided a not so subtle summary of the book stating:

However, this was just the start of what turned into a very heated Twitter debate with followers and fans fanning the flame and contributing to the chaos. Abbasi went on to claim that the prerogative of the book is no other than contaminating Imran Khan’s position at a time of political significance in Pakistan.

However, Reham refused the claims stating that the book is nothing short of her experience as a woman and a mother.

Several people have voiced their concerns on the latter. Followers of the political leader have claimed no one in Pakistan had any knowledge of her existence until her wedding to PTI’s chairman. Some have therefore questioned her incentive behind the publication of this book.

However, nothing beats her crossfire with Abbasi. These have escalated to threats and forged emails putting to question the credibility of both. The entire debacle is like any other. It is inclusive of people taking sides, forged emails and fabricated threats.

However, one if forced to consider what this book means for the future of Imran Khan, not just as a PM in the running but also as a potentially respectable individual.

Reham Khan’s book is all set to release before the elections and is expected to “reveal” a plethora of things regarding Imran Khan.


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