Khadija, the victim of a brutal stabbing was denied justice by our courts when the accused was acquitted of all charges yesterday. Law student, Khadija Siddiqi, was brutally stabbed by her classmate, Shah Hussain on May 3, 2016. Khadija was stabbed 23 times and sustained critical injuries when a helmet wearing suspect attacked her as she was picking up her younger sister from school. In the ongoing case, the Lahore High Court (LHC) took into consideration the accused’s appeal and he is now being released, free of all charges.

Here is a quick summary of Khadija Siddiqi’s struggle in demanding justice for herself.

1) May 3, 2016 – Khadija gets stabbed by classmate Shah Hussain, son of a senior lawyer. She sustained critical injuries, particularly, to the neck.

2) Khadija miraculously survived the attack and went on to pursue a case against the advocate’s son.

3) July 29, 2017 – After detailed cross-examination of cases made on both sides, a judicial magistrate in a Lahore court sentenced Hussain to seven years in prison. Justice seemed to have been served after 14 months of struggle on Khadija’s part.

4) Hussain challenged the court’s ruling and in March 2018 managed to get his sentence reduced to five years. Khadija made an appeal against the reduced sentence, but her appeal was rejected.

5) June 4, 2018, Hussain who moved against the reduced appeal of five years and managed to gain acquittal from all charges against him.

And just like that, in a span of two years, a criminal sentenced for his crimes has managed to dupe the system and will now be roaming freely amongst us.

Khadija has expressed grave concern over the denied justice.

Justice has seemingly become a ball game for the wealthy in power.

Sadly, this isn’t an isolated case where a convict is being released.

All of the above is pretty self-explanatory regarding the state of justice in our country.

It can’t get any more ironic that the justice system runs on the basis of bribes and the fear of the powerful. Since the system itself has failed to provide justice, we must realize the strength we have in numbers. Those who run the system are few, while the people they trample over are plenty. Moreover, there are still some good people left within the system. If those in plenty actively stand together against the corrupt few, we might just be able to get justice for Khadija by empowering the good ones struggling in the justice system.

Khadija is a warrior. And we have to be her support her in her fight for justice. Because justice for her means hope for many more sons and daughters who are ruthlessly oppressed by corruption. So, let’s raise our voices and do just that as she files an appeal to the Supreme Court against the verdict next.




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