Eid is a festival even the hardest of cynics will probably want to come out and celebrate. Not just because of the sanctity of tradition, but because there are so many different things happening on Eid, there is always something you can keep yourself occupied with. From dressing up in your absolute best to greeting a flurry of guests, Eid in Pakistan is always a busy, colorful affair!

We all know how it’s done at home, but how do people choose to make their Eid special in different places around the world?

  1. Egypt
    In Egypt, people gather together to release colorful balloons into the sky after Eid-ul-Fitr prayer in the morning.


    Amongst the sweet delicacies prepared are kakh – these are cookies stuffed full of nuts and topped with powdered sugar


  2. Indonesia
    Indonesians like to kick off celebrations with bright, flashy parades and a lot of rowdy revelry in the evening.


    An important feature is this, the ‘kue lapis legit’ – a thousand-layer Dutch-inspired cake infused with butter and spices


  3. Australia
    Chand Raat Eid Festival (CREF) is a large multicultural festival held in Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney. About 150 stalls are put up and it is made as festive as possible for the Muslims celebrating Eid in Australia.


  4. Malaysia
    Eid celebrations take the form of the Hari Raya Puasa festival – cities are lit up with lamps and fireworks


    Open-house tradition in Malaysia – food is plentiful and everyone is welcomed to gather to enjoy it


  5. Afghanistan
    Tokhm-Jangi – children and adults alike come together to engage in this game which involves trying to crack each other’s boiled eggs


  6. China
    Tradition in China often dictates that the Muslims who died in the Cultural Revolution are to be remembered and honored on Eid.


  7. Somalia
    Somalian women enthusiastically partake in the application of henna


    Food is always plentiful – a unique bread called Cambaabur is most especially prepared for the occasion


  8. Turkey
    The Seker Bayram (festival of sweets) – sweets like Baklava and Turkish delight are prepared by the dozens and distributed generously


    Elders are afforded the utmost respect with this gesture


  9. Iraq
    There is no Eid without klaicha – cookies stuffed full of nuts and dates


  10. Sudan
    Muslims engage in zikr – intense acts of worship involving dances and chants to achieve closeness to God on Eid day


  11. India
    Eid in India is celebrated much like the way it is done here at home – with endless foraging for the perfect clothes and jewelry



It’s heartening to witness the unifying power of the Eid festival – for a little while at least, in their own unique ways, people across the globe come together in their own separate communities to honor and celebrate a common purpose.


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