While Football is a game for some, it is no less than a religion for die hard fans. The fever of this game is inescapable, especially during the Fifa World Cup. In Pakistan, it is no different; fans have been waiting for this moment since the past 4 years. Here is a brief guide to the different types of fans you will come across in the next month!

1. The Expert Commentator 

For these guys football is Sparta! You don’t want to mess with this clan of fans. They know their facts, statistics, who’s who, the last time their supporting and opposing teams won e.t.c. According to them, they are the ‘realest’ football fanatics you will encounter. Their commentary lasts from the beginning of the game till the last extra minutes. For some reason, you are glad that they exist, especially when you need to be updated from A to Z.

2. The Eye Candy Seeker

These fans are mostly in majority whenever big tournaments like the World Cup are being broadcasted. While their knowledge of the game may be limited, they know all about their crushes and religiously watch the all 90 minutes and more when their main man is playing. Say aye if you’re hooked onto the Iranian team as most of us are!

3. The Convert

All year round, they miss all the matches and leagues and out of nowhere, they are hit with FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. They morph into football freaks overnight when the World Cup comes around. They are learning the rules of the games and watching it at the same time. By the time they learn basics about FIFA, the winner of the World Cup is announced and the headline is trending. A moment of silence for these fans, they always get late. Nonetheless, applause for their participation.

4. The Social Media Addict

They have no loyalty towards the game but pretend like they are the know-it-all and post status after status. They’re a bit like Barney rereading his own status like ‘what did I just post?’.

5. The Pseudo Brazilian 

Whether it is 1998 or the 2018 FIFA World Cup, they are stuck in the Back To The Future Time Machine in which Brazil will strike back out of nowhere. All they want to do in the matches is to support and scream for Brazil, whether the final match is between Germany Vs Argentina. They are still hopeful and blinded by their love for this team, for they believe in optimism without the reality cheque.

6. The Indifferent Rock & Rolla Crowd 

These guys don’t care who is winning or losing, all they want is annoy the crap out of the fans who are literally sitting on the edge of their seats. They make special guest appearances to kill the buzz and start with their random banter at the most crucial time.

7. The Constant Complainer 

When their team is losing badly, all they want to do is complain and rant about it, till the last minute of the game. For them, nothing is fair in football, war and love. Or was it other way round.

8. The Sleeping Beauty

The last thing they expected was to miss their favourite game. But alas, sleep was more alluring. These poor fellows wake up in the last ten minutes, having missed all the suspenseful moments. They spend the last ten minutes ruining everybody else game as well and asking them to catch them up.

Tag your sleeping beauty friend below!

9. The Super Enthusiast 

These guys do not know how to keep calm whenever the FIFA game becomes unpredictable. If things went their way, they would make their team win by sheer will power. Keep all breakables out of the way when this friend is over because for them every minute of the game is a do or die situation.

10.  The Sucker Who Ends Up Supporting The Losing Team

Whichever team they pick, they are always on the losing side. Whatever they do, whichever year and season it is, it is a bad omen for them to even watch the game and support a team. The odds are definitely low for their team to win; they are the most hopeless supporter. A moment of silence for the supporters of the Italy and Netherlands teams who did not even qualify for this FIFA World Cup.

11. The Winning Team Supporter

God is merciful when it comes to this pool of fans: they have never experienced losing. Since their fandom began, luck has been on their side. Whichever side they pick, it triumphs against all the odds. E.g. Mexico won by 1 goal against Germany in Sunday’s game. Miracles do happen.

12. The Emotional Wreck  

You cannot have any debate, argument or discussion with this one as their emotions change just like the tempo of the game. One second they are all hyper, another second they could kill you. They do not need consoling nor your advice. Just let them be and watch them play Rihanna’s song, ‘Love The Way You Lie.’

13. The Fashion Police 

They do not give a flying F… about what is happening in the game. All they want to do is judge the jersey, colors, face structure, hairdo, tattoos, shorts, logos, height, race color, shoes, matching socks, beard,  and everything that is about football..not. For them, the next Top Model Hunt is on. It is like Desi Rishta Aunty watching the footballers for their future brides to be. Not at all like the Bend It Like Beckham Version.

14. The Fan Vs Fan Fight Club 

They are ready to fight till the last minute, to defend the loyalty and blood of their team. The fights breakout during and after the match is a common sight at football screenings. For them, their team is everything.

15. The Selfie-Photography Game Watcher

These are the kinds of fans who were there, showed up on time to watch the game with you, even had popcorn with them,  but all they did was take photographs of their self-obsessed life and capture all the moments around the match. At least be thankful to them for capturing your kodak moments, if nothing at all. Yes, that candid shot too with your mouth open.

16. Keep Calm and Carry On Spirited Fan

I love this fan club. Whether their team is winning or losing, nothing breaks their spirit. It is like they have attained the Nirvana of Buddism.

17. The Hypocritical Last Minute Team Changer Supporter

They have no shame at all. This one fan will change his or her team at the last minute in the knockout round or the last quarter of the FIFA game. In the first half, they were supporting Portugal, in the second half, they are now with Spain. It is safe to say that sincerity is not their strong suite.

18. The Underdog Supporter 

While everyone is supporting a very famous team that is most likely to win, there is a minority fan club that is supporting an underdog team. Believe it or not, mostly those underdog teams have won on occasions like these. God bless those fans who show us its okay to trust your instincts against all odds.

19. The Ending Note Analyst Fan

These fans want to have the last word after every match, leagues and world cups. It is like they have attained high superlative wisdom, that those commentators sitting live watching the FIFA match did not have. They have an analysis and they will not shy away from sharing it with you.

Tag your friends and let us know in the comments section if we have missed out on any particular fan!




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