As the fateful date of the 2018 elections nears its day in the sun, it seems like all the expectant political leaders have pulled out the big guns. Amongst them is the (once) beloved Khan.

Whether it was his third marriage to Bushra Maneka; or his ex-second-wife Reham Khan’s book controversy; IK has managed to stay in the news. And it is not always for the best of reasons. IK recently vocalized his rather peculiar and baffling views on feminism.

In an interview that was meant to garner possible voters and supporters, IK managed to irk even those who back him up. He claimed that the “western feminist movement” has been damaging to the concept of motherhood.

Sorry, what?

As the chairman of PTI and as someone who was and is quite popular with the female population for his progressive views, one expected some subtlety from this PM in the running. Soon after the interview, there followed major uproar on social media. His remarks were stated as ‘anti-woman’ and also ‘irresponsible.’

Not only did his remarks make little sense as a whole, they demonstrated his rather illiterate and fragmented understanding of the movement itself.

IK was accused of lacking female consideration, calling him a major disappointment for all those women who have fought for their basic rights across the globe.

One would think Imran Khan would have learnt something by now but he seems to have learnt little from turning women against him. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and here he’s scorched the female population of an entire nation. After being called out, IK’s supporters went on to claim that he has no knowledge of any such statement being made.

Feature Image Credits: The Spectator


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